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Watch Dogs [Leaked Footage]

I'm not sure if this can be done here, if not, sorry and delete.

Someone was streaming the game not long ago, this is a small part.





i've been begging for over 5 years.
Hard to tell the quality from that GIF but it looks OK and seems like it will be an interesting game.


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Saw a guy on twitch streaming it earlier this morning. His account was banned pretty quickly. From what I could tell it was being played on PS4.


Is this from Twitch? There was a streamer on there a couple of hours ago. I only watched the last two minutes or so before he got banned. I wonder if that is from the beta or if the game is already out there.

Edit: Yea, looks like the stream I watched.


I microwave steaks.
Good, we need some leaked videos. I don't want to see any more cgi trailers, SHOW ME THE GOODS.


lol the trees look like shaking not winding.

youre right, they look more like breezing or airing. unacceptable.


If this is PS4 I'm impressed they got the weather effects in there. That was the highlight of the reveal for me (wind and dynamic systems.)
Ha. What a troll. Knows the world wants Watch Dogs footage, so posts a 4:00 video, half of which is him standing still doing nothing, the other half is him playing a minigame.


I downloaded the MEGA video and the GIF stuff is not in it.

What gives?

Also, that MEGA video is lame as hell. Bad quality and person playing it is lame.

bob page

Lighting and Lightning are two very different things. Or some few forgot how to spell.

I don't know anymore.

I meant lighting in my post, which I was assuming the lightning would impact in some regard. The lightning looks to have zero impact on any objects in the environment.


can this game look any worse or is it compression issues?

Oh welcome back. I expect you won't last long if you're still going to keep at it like this.

That gif looks better than the downgrade truthers would have me believe. Downloading the full thing to better judge.


The leaves of the trees in the background don't move like that little bush in the foreground. after spotting that its super obvious. with such wind those trees would move allot more then the little sway they currently have.
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