Watch Dogs PC specs (x64 only, Quad Core minimum, recommended 8-core and 2GB VRAM)


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Base Specification
Operating System: Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows 8
Note that we only support 64 bit OSs.
Hard Drive Space: 20 GB
Sound: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card with Latest Drivers
Internet: Broadband connection and service required for multiplayer mode
Minimum Specification
GPU: DirectX 11 graphics card with 1 GB Video RAM
CPU: Quad core

example 1
GPU: NVidia GTX 460
CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q6600

example 2
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 5770
CPU: AMD Phenom X4 9750
Recommended Specification
GPU: DirectX 11 graphics card with 2 GB Video RAM
CPU: Eight core

example 1
GPU: NVidia GTX 560 ti
CPU: Intel Core i7-3770

example 2
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7850
CPU: AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core
"Ultra" Specification
GPU: Latest DirectX 11 graphics card with 2 GB Video RAM or more
CPU: Latest Eight core or more
RAM: 8GB or more

example 1
GPU: Nvidia GTX 670
CPU: Intel Core i7-3930K

example 2
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7970
CPU: AMD FX-9370 Eight-Core
Seems like we're hearing the first death knells of playing modern games on dualcores.

Though really given how people tell me BF3 ran on dualcores, we've been seeing signs for a while.
It's about time my Core 2 Duo no longer passes the minimum requirement, time for upgrade. Glad I got the Wii U to tie me over before I build a new PC.


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But I only have four cores! Four!


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The DirectX 11 revolution is finally happening. DX9 no longer the minimum.
Now for all games to make HD 7850 the new standard.
Hopefully my 780gtx will enable me to run this game with ultra settings eventhough I have an older core i7. Can't wait to see why this game needs so high specs.
Wow, looks like I'll have to buy some water cooling and crank my i5 up If I want this on PC.

Nice that the recommended is a 7850 though, Sure a 7850 will working nicely.

Pleased to see Octo-cores being important now, better multicore support is desperately needed on PC.
There are no 8 cores... At least from intel. Only 8 threaded cpu's. I have a CPU with 12 threads and 6 cores. Wasn't aware of 8 cores yet? But I don't follow amd CPUs.
Well, it's not like people with 32 bit cpus are that invested in high end games. Quad core cpu requirement does seem a bit steep, but you can get those for pretty good prices right now,

Our i7 2600k's will be fine. Tear for the i5 owners though.
The i5 2500k is four core, so people who have that should be fine.
I wonder why it is so CPU bound when the nextgen consoles have such relatively low powered CPU's.

The "recommended" i7 3770 is a 3.4GHz CPU (2x vs consoles), which is probably about 2-3x faster faster clock for clock, and being able to run 8 threads. This means a 4-6x increase at the minimum, which makes it very suprising.
Devs don't even utilize quad cores to their maximum, why the fuck should eight cores be a requirement? Sounds like some BS to me.

A high end quardcore will outperform any low eightcore by far.