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Watch_Dogs original graphical effects (E3 2012/13) found in game files [PC]

Jun 18, 2010
The malDo textures one took me a couple hours to download. Someone needs to torrent that shit.

EDIT: Actually seems to be going way faster now. Maybe it was just getting hammered earlier or something.


Jul 25, 2011
No matter what I do, the game is often a stuttery mess. It stuttered bad on the un patched and patched versions, it stutters if I crank the graphics down to low on everything (though less) and it stutters with any version of Worse mod. The biggest issue is that it isn't consistent. Sometimes it will run great for 30 or so minutes before the stuttering comes, sometimes it happens right away. It's not like I have a poor rig or something

GTX 770 2gb
I7 4790k (stock 4.0ghz for now)
8gb of DDR3 1600
and the game is installed on an SSD

and I don't know if there is anything else I can do. I read somewhere that the main reason for the stuttering is that they way the engine reads the ram versus how it does on consoles, so not much I can do there except Ubisoft decides to come out with another patch.

I run the game in 1080p with textures set to high, AA set to either MSAA or TXAA 2x (depending on how stuttery the game is) and everything else on ultra (though I turn shadows down to high during night). I keep trying to tweak setting to make the game playable at times, but I just need to accept that this is a shitty port and move on.
Jun 18, 2010
No matter what I do, the game is often a stuttery mess.


GeForce 770 4GB (actually SLI but game seems a little less stuttery with only 1 enabled)
2500k @ 4.4GHz
8 gigs ram @ 1600

Setting pretty much everything to high, still a stuttering mess for me. I've pretty much given up at this point. Enjoy my free $25, Ubi. It's a parting gift.


Jun 18, 2014
Anyone having lighting problems with this mod? In places like tunnels/dark alleys, everything turns almost pitch-black and I can barely see.

Conversely, I feel like there is way to much bright white glowing when out in bright daylight at times also.

No idea how to fix it. Googling hasn't yielded much.