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Watch_Dogs Torrent secretly installing a Bitcoin miner on thousands of computers


One of the most seeded copies of Watch Dogs available online is reported to also install a Bitcoin mining virus on the computer of its victims. Blue Screen crashes, additional power consumption, and an overall unstable computer await those unlucky pirates that couldn’t wait for release day or didn’t want to spend the cash for a legit copy of Watch Dogs.





Ask me about the moon landing or the temperature at which jet fuel burns. You may be surprised at what you learn.
Its a PR move. Aisha where you at?


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that's funny lol

....also, suuuper ironic that my first official post on the gaf is about something pirated, considering i quit that stuff a couple years back lol


A friend of mine downloaded a different torrent and has reported no problems. I'm not that interested myself--apparently you gotta have Uplay running to get it to work, and after Uplay screwed up Assassin's Creed IV for me, I'd hate to do something that could in any way jeopardize my saves. Besides, like, dat stuff's not exactly legal.

REALLY curious about the performance issues people are mentioning. If I run my litecoin mining stuff, it harms my performance in a big way. Surely they'd notice a deterioration in gaming performance as well?


Excellent. Another poster at another board I frequent said this in his "review".

"- Graphics optimizations are shit. I don't have the best rig but it's pretty decent to the point that I can play The Witcher 2 at close to high settings. My computer was having difficulty running this at medium settings."

I really hope he got that particular seed, since it's obvious he's playing on PC and is not playing a legit release.


This is only a rumor. Apparently some people downloaded the torrent from the wrong source.It's all their own fault if they don't know how internet works.


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People do this all the time, the only thing of note is that some are shocked that they do (like the person that wrote the article).
Has there been more evidence supporting this? I've only seen the 4chan post which the article is also citing.

Friend told me about this yesterday and I dug up this link on google prior to the media posting articles: http://www.herdprotect.com/winlogin.exe-e334340af3765aa58c71b34c82df6dacb49d10f7.aspx

Not much history beyond that entry (or I'm looking in the wrong places). Besides, this news is a fair warning to people who blindly download executables and run them without precautions.


The guy seems outraged... seems to have missed the fact that he pirated a game which is illegal...!

Genius btw.
Pirates are some of the most entitled assholes out there. Visit GBAtemp some time if you want to see whiny, deluded pirates trying to justify their theft in their natural habitat.

Unfortunately I have to visit it pretty often since the site is also a good source for general Nintendo homebrew and hacking news, but the majority of the users are pirates :(

even the pirated version has exclusive content.
Good job man, keep it up :D
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