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WayForward reveals title for Shantae 5: Shantae and the Seven Sirens; screenshots and details


Patient MembeR

WayForward spilled a bunch of details for their upcoming Shantae game.

Having previously announced the next game in the Shantae series back in March, we are proud to reveal the official title for the hotly anticipated action-adventure-platformer: Shantae and the Seven Sirens.
Formerly referred to as Shantae 5, Shantae and the Seven Sirens sends the belly-dancing, hair-whipping, half-genie hero to a tropical island where Shantae and her friends encounter other Half-Genie allies, but they soon learn there’s trouble in paradise. As Shantae gets caught up in the island’s sinister secrets, she’ll use all-new dance abilities and instant-transformation Fusion Magic to explore the nonlinear, interconnected world where she’ll visit multiple towns, overcome treacherous labyrinths, and battle dastardly bosses. The game also features a new collectible card system that grants players the freedom to augment Shantae’s powers to suit their own style of play.
Releasing on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Apple Arcade, Shantae and the Seven Sirens is the fifth entry in the Shantae series, which originally debuted on Game Boy Color in 2002. Additional information about the game, including the distribution, pricing, and release date, will be announced as it becomes available. For more details about the Shantae series, please visit wayforward.com.
Key Features:
  • Explore an interconnected world using new Fusion Magic creature transformations, including a newt and other aquatic forms!
  • 4K-resolution hand-painted visuals (on 4K devices only)!
  • All-new characters and returning favorites like Rottytops, Sky, Bolo, and the nefarious Risky Boots!
  • Collect and power up with monster cards!
  • Enjoy minigames, acquire magic and items, and uncover secrets!
  • Gorgeously animated TV-style cutscenes!

Is it me or does every Wayforward level look the same?

Low hanging ceilings and pillar platforms.

Yeah, they are kind of lazy. I hope Shantae 5 has more time in the oven (and more content) than HGH.

Big tiddy waifu mermaid is a hard bar to clear, but I'll gladly take an hourglass figured plant lady till then!

It'a amazing that there is an entire semi-mainstream series that revolves around sexy monster girls and no one beats an eye.


Patient MembeR
So hey, whats the best game to go for if I have never tried the series but I want to...?
Your options are the original game on GBC (and through Nintendo eShop), Risky's Revenge, Pirate Curse, and Half Genie Hero.

Pirate's Curse is the safe bet and it's the one that all others seem to be compared against nowadays. Risky's Revenge is good but short. Half Genie Hero was well-liked but also got panned for being easy and for stripping out the dungeons and interconnected map. The original Shantae is okay but tbh I haven't played very much of it.

Claus Grimhildyr

Vincit qui se vincit
Is it me or does every Wayforward level look the same?

Low hanging ceilings and pillar platforms.

Meh, I would say it is more of a style choice than laziness. Switch Force, Shantae HGH, PC, and RR all played differently from each other with fantastic levels to explore. I would say it is similar to Megaman where every level had very similar tile sets, but vastly different ways to traverse them with unique challenges.


It's great to see that they dropped the loathsome 2.5D from Half-Genie and went with a traditional 2D side-view instead. However, I'm disappointed they kept the sharp vector graphics style, it lacks texture and crunch, looks like a mobile game.
The obvious solution would be to go with a pixelated style like Dead Cells or Iconoclasts, but Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom manages to make it work with a similar art style, by adding gradient shading on sprites whereas Shantae got one color shadows and highlights.

Nitpicking aside, still going to pre-order it the second it gets a store page on Steam.
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