We create "magazine ads" for the hell of it. Now: Two Out Rally

This has become my favourite thread on GAF. A great mix of comedy, intrigue and just sheer beauty with some absolutely fantastic and unique ideas. Some of them, especially from Mirror's Edge, forget adverts - I've love to have them as prints/posters.
Akia said:
I propose that the next game be Team Fortress 2. The art style and the amount of colors would make for some awesome ads.
Yeah, would love to see that.
Or also Fragile. This game got nearly no advirtisement in Japan, maybe GAF could do what Namco isnt capable of ;)


mik is unbeatable
pakkit said:
What's your actual work job?
LOL. Advertising.

Nothing as fun as video games though. But what health care advertising lacks in excitement, it makes up for in a reliable, near-recession-proof paycheck. Still, this thread is like therapy, man. I think I should send AniHawk a dollar. :lol

Was going to originally take a typographic approach (like mik's, it seems), may attempt it later. This is kind of a weak idea. I would improve it by making the Sharpie larger and placing it next to the image. Damn school tomorrow :)
Orobi said:
Mine ad for Mirror's Edge:

Oh god, that could actually pass as an ad from PC Gamer or EGM circa 1997. Mirrors edge will explode your head with guts! Not for your fuckin grandma!

Most all of these Mirror's Edge ads have been quality. This is a great thread.
All of these ME ones are amazing. Milk, that's so good. Everyone's really is, it's pointless for me to list all your names. Great work.

Crunched said:
No joke, this thread is making me seriously consider buying Mirror's Edge :lol
It's an amazing game, I loved it, beat it 3 times.
Really, kudos to you all.

I've been away for the weekend, i've just come back and... WOW!
I've got a graphic idea but i still need to think about the text...
It's ironic cause ME is one of my favorite games of the year and i'm not that inspired for the ad. :/
Great stuff, everyone, as always.

I think sticking to games with very distinct visual styles and iconography has worked out pretty well for far. I'd like to put in a vote for something with an old-timey or fantasy feel at some point, though, for a change of pace from the slick modernism stuff.
I did this last night after I saw Spoo's, but it was so similar (and unclever) that I didn't want to post it right away.

Now that I do have an idea, I'll go ahead and post it. Hopefully the one I want to do will be up by the end of tomorrow.

painey said:
mik said:
LRB1983 said:
Canti said:
mik said:
HTuran said:
Are my favorites (i'm not linking the full pics cause it would be a titanic post!), and this is my contibution...
i did it very quickly, i just came home and i have school tomorrow, so...
I hope you like it! ^^