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We Kill Monsters (indie game in dev) | SotC vibes....


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We Kill Monsters (in early development) is an adventure set in a land lost in a deep valley. You explore on foot through forests, mists and moors with the sole goal of reaching the bottom. The world is huge and labyrinthine and invites you to lose yourself in its many folds.

The game stands out for its painterly visuals and realistic physics. There is day and night as well as weather to contend with. You also encounter huge monsters to scale and subdue. There are spirits that can be found throughout the world, granting you help in various ways.

In spite of its title, this doesn't seem to be a game just about a lot of killing. Instead, you find yourself walking, planning routes, setting up camp and gathering supplies for the next leg of the journey.

With up to three other players you need to plan your way carefully. Who will carry what you need, who will guard the party and who will hunt for food? Resources are key and the game offers an innovative way to represent your load on your back. Along with the adventuring, there is plenty of attention to atmosphere and world-building. You can play an instrument, watch the sunset in a woodland glade, traverse a dense forest in a lightning storm or scale a mountain in the biting wind.

The game is still in development but already looks equally inviting and foreboding, a combination of Shadow of the Colossus and The Long Dark maybe? We'll bring you more on the game as it's revealed.

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