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Welcome back, Elektro Demon!

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After a two day stint in detention, Elektro Demon Elektro Demon returns (at some point today, I assume) to hopefully grace us with more shits and giggles!

Welcome back.

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Rodent Whores
This forum has such an odd culture.

You treat banned members like heroes and give them welcome returns :messenger_grinning_smiling:

I don't think I've seen that on any forum I've ever been part of.
You see, my dear egg-swallowing-facehole, the secret is that it is all done sarcastically and ironically.

That last sentence was also sarcastic and ironic.

So is the previous one, and this one too.

So was that last one, ironically speaking.


He's probably passed out on a vodka and wanking marathon and will miss his own return date.

Must be hard for him, no GAF and no hoes.
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