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Welcome back, Elektro Demon!

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Given how this thread developed, I thought I should fix this.

Lol didn't expect it to happen this early, well..... RIP Soldier.
I kinda felt like that last PM was more of a salty joke than an aggression, maybe he thought he earned it enough to say it (old member + Gold) 🤷‍♂️


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This coronavirus quarantine and staying home all the time has been hard on all of us I say give a pass back to everyone lets say at the same time the virus pandemic started. Man can say things they don't really mean when they're low on toilet paper. Maybe just alter perms to temps until the quarantine is over


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skyn3t, currypanda, brap, elektro demon - they’re all in my heart

Ewww skyn3t was super fucking creepy. Back when I was pretty new at GAF he found out I was a woman and started PMing me. At first it was just mild jokes but then he started getting really offcolor so I told him to fuck off.

I contemplated reporting the jerk, but back then I never reported anyone. If it happened today I would report him in a heartbeat.

Don't know what his deal was but he totally creeped me out. Must have been off his meds or something because I think he went wild posting crazy shit which got him got banned later the same day or the day after his creepy PMs.
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