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Jun 3, 2005
QuickSilverD said:
OK. I see that the title changed and the thread grew 20-something pages since last time I checked. so serious question:

What the fuck is going on?
U K Narayan said:
Okay, here's what's going on for those who are out of the loop - or simply don't know what's going on.

On Saturday, December 6th (today) - Famitsu let slip that the "huge announcement" is actually Metal Gear Soda. The flash splash-screen that a good lot of you have already looked at is for a Metal Gear ARG that is going to tie in with the soda line-up on November 12th.

Famitsu withdrew the statement, but shagg_187 was able to copy it:

METALGEARSODA日本2009年1月1日に発売される。それに加え、 METALGEARSODAはフリーDLCとしてエネルギードリンクの代用としてMGS4 " REGAIN "利用できるようになります

This image was also posted in the article:

This is an example for a design competition that will be held on a monthly basis for the product's run. Consumers will be able to submit artwork to Konami, and the best submission will be printed on the month's run of the soda. The artwork will also be packed as a poster in Famitsu Magazine and Shonen Jump.

Currently, only three flavors are known:

Ocelot Orange
Liquid Snake Grape
Solid SassperSnakeilla
Yep. And, on that note, I think I'll just sit and watch.