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Western Europe sees a 27% surge in hardcore mobile gaming. Casual grew 8%, Hyper-Casual dropped 32%. 7 game attach rate, 1/5th are paid apps.


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Cybermedia India has delved into Western Europe’s mobile gaming market, and found that hardcore gaming has surged 27 per cent year-on-year throughout the region.

Casual gamers also saw a smaller boom of eight per cent, while the hyper-casual market declined 32 per cent over the same period.
The increasing maturity of mobile games, more powerful technology, and increased game time are cited as the driving factors for this boom.

Gamers interviewed as part of the study stated that they found mobile gaming improved their concentration (38 per cent), creativity (34 per cent), and helped them overcome social isolation (33 per cent), showing that mobile gaming isn’t just a past time – for a large number of people, it’s become a big part of their lives.

Chip developer MediaTek is making significant inroads in the market, three out of five serious gamers included in the survey thinking positively of the brand. These gamers cited fast game loading (70 per cent) and long battery life (51 per cent) as among the most important qualities to look for when deciding on a new phone.

The study also found that the average smartphone has seven games installed. Gamers play five games regularly, on average, an increase from four prior to the pandemic.

Post-Covid, there has been a significant increase in paid gaming, with one fifth of mobile gaming apps in the region being paid apps.

This falls in-line with the rise of midcore gaming, which aims to bring an experience more akin to an AAA game to mobile devices. Mobile devices are growing increasingly powerful with every successive generation and as such, while previous generations of mobile devices were severely limited in their capabilities, modern devices are powerful enough to play more advanced games. The result is the increase in what’s possible – and the increasing profile of mobile gaming among enthusiasts

Ok fess up Euro Gaf, who among you is part of this hardcore rise in mobile gaming?

32% decline in Hyper-casual means the Wii audience has seen a major drop.

27% rise for "hardcore" gamers, and only normal casual rising 8% is showing that there's not really a decline in people who play Tetris or anger birds on their phones, but a substantial increase in gamers playing on them.

3 out of 5 "serious" gamers think MediaTek is a good brand for gaming which is rather hilarious. average western European serious gamer had 7 games installed, 5 played regularly.

Apparently Midcore gaming is the cause of this, they are equating midcore mobile gaming to console/PC AAA games. I'm not really sure mobile games go past A, but apparently gamers in western Europe don't mind touch controls, or carrying a controller around playing games on mobile over console and PC.

This in the near future will cause problems for the Switch, because having something close to real games compared to mobile was an advantage it had, but if the midcore games are the new hotness than Nintendo doesn't have an advantage, at least in Western Europe.

Maybe Sony releasing the new gaming phone Xperia 1 IV GE was a good idea after all. I bet you that the first place that phone releases in after Asia is Western Europe, I expect it for sure after this data.


Definition of
- hyper casual
- casual
- hardcore game

Also what is the total percent of each audience.?

Those would be my questions.

The bifurcation of the mobile publishers and the wider mobile market is interesting for sure. Whilst we seeing the total market stalling, publishers like King still saw decent growth.
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I read the linked article and the links within that article and couldn't find how they define it. I guess we'll just have to use our imaginations
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