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What a shame that we'll likely never get a proper successor to the 3DS


Loved the console specially the first version with its glossy watery finish and my Majora's Mask special edition, still have couple of backlog there like DQ VII and Metroid Samud Returns, only thing I would desire is a video out option but not possible unless modyfing the hardware itself.
Really doubt we would ever see a succesor of it, although with the new foldable screens that might be possible once they get cheap, who knows maybe next switch is foldable.
I loved DQ VII on the 3DS. Still have to play Metroid Samus Returns but first i have to finish Dread. But DQ VII is fantastic.
Yea the 3DS line of handhelds has a special place in my heart. I'm thinking Nintendo might revisit the idea when they can get those foldable screens at a price they deem sensible for business.

I'm also assuming it's difficult to implement glasses-free 3D with those foldable screens...

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The 3DS was shit. And I say that as someone who bought the limited Pikachu Edition 3DS XL. Weak and slow hardware, shit screens, shit 3D, shit speakers, and super uncomfortable to hold for more than a couple minutes because of akward form factor and high weight. I have not missed it a single time after I've sold it.
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After Labo VR and then getting a Quest, I’m convinced that we won’t get another Nintendo-style bundle of innovation like the Wii or DS until Nintendo goes harder into VR. It’s definitely missing that Nintendo style magic of Mario 64, WarioWare Twisted, Wii Sports, or even Nintendoland. At the same time, it’s the only place in gaming where I’ve felt a true paradigm shift lately.

I really can’t imagine Nintendo not having another input paradigm shift like the analog stick, touch screen, blowing into the mic, pointer, or motion controls without going all in on VR.
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They could make a clamshell version of the Switch Lite, something that's more easily pocketable without having to worry about the sticks being damaged or something...

They could.... but they won't.

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I remember when people were wondering how Splatoon 2 could work on the Switch. The map was on the gamepad screen in the first game. How could they possibly change that?!
Well, now they just show the map with the press of a button. The same way it has worked on other consoles for decades. I'd argue it's faster and less jarring because you're not shifting your view and focusing your eyes on a different screen.

For the handhelds, the dual screens gimmick was just a coping mechanism to get more information on tiny and low res screens without having to shell out for a higher res one. for the Wii U... I don't know what they were thinking. I thoroughly enjoyed those systems, but never because of the two screens, rather in spite of them.
Yea, the dual screen worked infinitely better on the DS than it did the Wii U.

For Wii U it was really neat for a few games, Zombi U, TP HD, WW HD, Xenoblade Chronicles X. Nintendoland is by far the best use of the dual screen mechanic, but I'll spare the details.

Without going too far off topic, one of the fatal flaws with the Wii U was the emphasis that dual screen is better than just TV play. The Wii U was largely critiqued because most games just gave you an off-screen option. That should have been good enough but Nintendo's insistence on dual screen gaming resulted in taunting from major outlets. I mean, the weird control scheme of Star Fox Zero was a direct response to people saying that dual screen gameplay was dumb and wasn't being utilized. Nintendo should have embraced the off-screen functionality and showcased that you can use the gamepad as a monitor and still play games with a pro controller if you want. That's a really cool feature even if the screen is 480p and not 100% portable. Games still look great on it (or good enough if you aren't a videophile). Point being, Wii U has a ton of really unique and cool features, but the word of mouth was beyond awful and Nintendo couldn't figure out a way to explain the console and all of its neat features.
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