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What are gaming habits you have that feel weird to go against?


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Hey GAF, so I'm replaying Claire A in RE2 Gamecube as part of celebrating it's 24th! Which got me thinking...what are gaming habits you have that feel weird to go against?

For me, it's definitely always needing to have the handgun on hand in Resident Evils. I just placed the handgun in the item box because it was out of ammo and I needed ink ribbons to save and I felt naked without the handgun in my inventory lol.

So what say you GAF? What are gaming habits you have that feel weird to go against?
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In Pokemon games set in the Johto region, I use Pidgey as my main :lollipop_neutral:
I always choose the water-type starter Pokemon. Even Piplup. I don't like Piplup. Naturally I catch a Starly and use it as my main.
Samurott's ugly. Dewott's the coolest fucking Pokemon ever. I never evolve Dewott.


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Saving a second time because the first time doesn’t feel good enough. Saving in that 2nd slot because having only one save there could mean corruption at any moment.

I’ll hoard grenade rounds because they create such an impact on the enemy’s health.
Keeping my health topped off as much as I can. I watch other people play games and they're running around at half or less health most of the time without a care in the world - meanwhile it's driving me crazy.
I do this. It’s a habit because bosses or certain enemies can take large portions of life away and that sliver can mean Game Over or time to get away and heal. I see some players do this, but they’ll heal once and leave a sliver of life. If I’m rushing in and I know I’ll get hit, I’ll always top off the max.


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Always clearing notifications for menus when I have a new log or item or whatever. I HATE the little icons that pop up. Games that have a "clear" prompt are a relief, but still not common enough.

This isn't strictly gaming only, but it's what first came to mind.

Also saving often and whenever I get the chance. Especially in games like Fallout or Elder Scrolls. I usually have a 3 save rotation on top of autosaves.
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NPC: follow me.

*proceed to go in the opposite direction in case there is a secret.


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An arrow point toward my next objective.

Me: i'm gonna explore the complete opposite direction, thanks.

Opening the options to see what's what is my new "read the entire instruction manual" before starting a game.

Give 2 fucks about fashion, if that absurdly ugly armour gives me 0,001 more attack you can bet your ass that i'm gonna wear it, my mh character look like a mongoloid tho.

Like many, saving powerfull ammo\grand elixir for the final boss and never even use them.

I'm gonna save manually before closing the game, proceed to close the game, the game ask if i want to save before exit.

Me: sure why not, it's not like i saved the game 3 sec ago...
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i don't like to use special items/ammo etc so i dont waste them
“What if I need them later?”

Then you realise you just finished a game in some sort of challenge mode by not using the tools provided, and it should have been easier than you made it
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Never using "rare" consumables, even in the direst of circumstances. Things like All-Divide or Hourglass in Tales games... but what if I *really* needed them later?! :lollipop_thescream:


- explore every corner of a map before moving to the next area. This includes jumping into holes hoping for a secret (which hardly materializes, but has on some occasions).
- games where character customization is possible, my character always has the skimpiest outfits and classic big tits. Just feels wrong to not do it.
- have to always sit in my decade old gaming lounger. Nothing else will do.
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