What are some common and uncommon night jobs?

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I'm thinking of picking up a night job (nothing that requires a degree. just a general job.); anything in between 6PM - 6AM. I've done some preliminary searching (monster/newspaper), nothing too extensive, and noticed there aren't a lot of postings out there.

I need some suggestions on jobs and what I should be looking for. If it helps, I live in NYC, "The City That Never Sleeps", so obviously someone must be awake after 11PM and working some where damn it! What type of jobs are they doing!?

Comedic responses welcome.
TurtleSnatcher said:
Security Guard?

Dennys/IHOP waiter?

Strangely enough I forgot all about Security Guard. I wonder how much training would be involved.

Edit: Bartender? Too sociable! I need something that will give me a reasonable time-frame to be alone in my head with my brooding angry thoughts.
Walgreens photo/cashier 3rd shift (24 hour store)
Walgreens pharmacy tech 3rd shift (usually 1 per store @ night)
Call Center (Do they still have these outside India?)
Taxi Driver
Dennys Waiter/Cook
White Castle Cook/Cashier
Night Security
Donut Maker
Tech Support at a phone company
Factory 3rd shift
Shipping/Receiving 2.5 shift
Wal*Mart Distro center

Edit: Forgot Janitor. But that's mostly dominated by mexicans now.

Ela Hadrun

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A friend of mine works in a sleep study center. He hooks the electrodes up to the patient, watches movies for eight-ten hours, then unhooks them, checks off their paperwork, and goes home.

I recommend checking out the hospitals. Hospitals run 24-7, there is a lot of stuff they need done at night. When I was in college I spent a break working the 3-11 shift as a patient monitor, that means that if your patient freaks out you call for help. It was not a particularly awesome job but most people got a lot of reading done. And they usually sleep from 11-7, and when they don't sleep then at least you get a good story. Hospitals have a lot of shit like that.
what you're looking for is a security guard job. but i work nights too, depending on the situation. i work for Con Ed, as an engineer and during heat waves or cold fronts, we work emergency shifts. for the summer i worked 12 hour night shifts during the heatwave at our incident command center. some of our substation operators are also night shifters...very lonely job, extremely high paid, but you gotta come up through the ranks. half the field crews and operating supervisors are also night shifters obviously but thats not a brooding, lonely type of job...its very active.
you can work for UPS

they have 2 shifts twighlight which is usually 7pm-11pm
or preload is (i think) 2am-like 6am

plus full benefits, just dont expect to make much money...at all
Rayo said:
Work in a hotel?
This is what I do (full time college student) My boss is the nicest dude ever, I just chill on gaf and hulu all night. Plus theres the random peice of strange you get :lol Pay sucks but its sooo easy.

Or you could always work at UPS/Fedex


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Mental Hospital Security Guard


At a cemetery, cleaning / dressing bodies. My cousin said you have to have a sick sense of humor or you'll never get through a week.
I worked 2nd and 3rd shift at a bank's item handling department. Not a bad gig -- I shipped paid checks back to banks and eventually ran on of the big item sorters. There are balancing jobs too, but those mostly go to old ladies.

Also UPS was mentioned. I worked for the smaller RPS and made some decent money there while I was in college too. Loading trucks and whatnot. If you have half a brain they'll send you to finer item sorts where lift less and think a little more.
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