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What are the chances that the next spiderman game will come to xbox / PC?



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To Xbox? Incredibly unlikely. Whatever games Sony wants to make using the Spiderman IP they will probably tell Marvel they insist on it not being on any competitor platforms. Marvel really doesn't have much of a reason to fight them on that. Because the options would be, 1) have Sony make the game their way on their platform which is clearly a proven success or, 2) watch Sony walk away and give it to someone else who isn't very likely to create a comparable success. An argument could be made by Marvel for a Switch version but PlayStation is still the biggest console brand and PlayStation 5 is clearly the hot item right now. Xbox just isn't big enough at this point for any leverage.

To PC? I would count on it happening eventually but we're talking years out. Contrary to the direction some people thought Sony was taking, Day 1 PC versions of Sony's games are probably never going to be a thing. Sony wants to create the image of their console being the place to play. Part of that includes making people wonder if a PC version will ever happen and even if it does it will mean waiting years for it so if you want to play it ASAP, you have to buy their console.
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