What are you currently watching?

I'm still trying to get through Stranger Things but The long road home has taken priority now. Only watched the first two episodes but im loving it.

I have a few movies on the back burner also, The dark tower, The forest and Valerian.

Haven't heard good things about any of those movies but i am curious


Supersonic, idiotic, disconnecting, not respecting, who would really ever wanna go and top that
Supergirl. Binge watching Lady Dynamite off and on via Netflix.

Dark Tower really isn't worth your time. Valerian isn't good, but it has some cool moments in the first hour. I'd say it's worth checking out just for the opening sequences
Supernatural season 12. Just the finale to go.

Mary has been nothing but a liability this whole season, lol. I've had Crowley's exit spoiled, I'll miss him :(

Then it's Family Guy season 17 (UK) and Stranger Things season 2.
I should be watching Stranger Things but I'm not.

Been watching a lot of old horror movies lately. Recently discovered the Lore podcast thanks to the Lord TV show so that's got me in the mood.
Watching Patriot on Amazon every now and then, getting caught up on The Deuce on HBO, and occasionally I've got an old episode of The Twilight Zone playing in the background while I'm replaying Nioh.


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Fraggle Rock in the morning during breakfast (HBO Now)

Once Upon a Time for a binge show (though I don't really binge..) Somewhere in season 5 right now.