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What are you getting?: October


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Oh and Inescapable, too. I forgot it will release in October.

Is this something like 999, Virtue’s Last Reward or Spirit Hunter, Doki Doki Literature Club? Danganronpa also comes to mind. I never finish them, but I own them.

I’ve already purchased Spider-Man 2 and Lords of the Fallen. Those look good and does Mario Wonder. I’m looking forward to October.
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A bigger backlog of games. Pray for me.


Depends on what I can complete in what's left of September and beginning of October. Just got trails into reverie, and those games aren't short.


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Lords of the Fallen, Alan Wake 2 and Phantom Liberty. AC:Mirage and Spider-man 2 later or never.

I just bought a Steam Deck that should shake things up a bit.


Probably won't be getting anything as I'm still finishing games I bought earlier this year. But hypothetically,

Spoderman 2
Lords of the Fallen
Allan Wake 2
Super Mario Bros Wonder
MGS Collection

Pretty stacked month, not bad, not bad.


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Spider-Man 2 and MGS.

I've been rethinking MGS, though. It sounds like it won't be any good. I want to her a physical copy but I might leave it unopened for a while and see impressions.


Probably nothing in October. Honestly the only games coming out in the near future (hopefully) that I would buy day 1 are:
Hollowknight: Silk Song
Unicorn Overlord
Star Wars Outlaws (if it gets great reviews)
Dragon Age 4
Last of Us Factions
That new Contra remake

Everything else is just too far away (new Witcher, new Mass Effect, GTA6, Wolverine).
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I would buy

  • Spider-Man 2 – October 20
  • Super Mario Bros. Wonder – October 20
  • Alone in the Dark – October 25
  • Alan Wake II – October 27
But i'm poor and I have to work, no money and no time to play _


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Still so many heavy hitters to come. I'll probally pick up

Detective Pikachu Returns - October 6
Forza Motorsport - October 10
Super Mario Wonder - October 20
Spider-Man 2 - October 20
Cities: Skylines 2 - October 24
Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol 1 - October 24

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i have no interest in anything releasing for the rest of this year, to be honest.

I may pick up Alan Wake 2 if it reviews well but definitely not at full price. Still having a blast with Baldurs Gate 3 and RE4Make


I don't have any sure picks yet:
- I've always bought Xbox consoles primarily to play Forza games, but I'm not entirely sold on the career mode from the upcoming FM. It's always been about collecting and driving various cars and now they want you to grind your "favorite" cars.
- AC Mirage will probably wait for a sale and for Ubisoft to remove all the major bugs.
- Alan Wake 2 is a tough cookie. I don't want to support a digital-only release, but I'll probably break eventually since I LOVE Remedy's work.
- The Lamplighters League is on my radar since I love tactical games, but I probably won't find the time and I'll wait for a sale.
- With EA WRC I like the lower pricing, but I'd like to read more previews to make sure it's not missing major content or has stuff like flawed career mode.


Assassin's Creed Mirage
Metal Gear Solid Master's Collection
Super Mario Wonder
Spider-Man 2
Alan Wake 2

I'll probably pick up Disgaea 7 later on.


I thought I would just chill out with Starfield, but there is way too much going on next month.


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Not buying anything since I’m backlogged until the end of the year easily.

Maybe an exception for Alan Wake 2 but I need to stop starting and start finishing games, 2023 has been tough.


1. SM2
2. Super Mario Bros. Wonder
3. Alan Wake
4. Sonic Superstars

AC Mirage looks cool, but unless they fix the horrible AI I’ve witnessed during their preview vids it’s a definite pass upon release.
I’ll wait for the reviews on Lords of the Fallen, looks a good soulsborne, but Elden Ring DLC & Black Myth are mostly on my radar.

Too many games, not enough time or money.
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I hope Cities Skyline 2 is a better game than the first one. It had all the trappings but didn't come close to SC2/3k/4 tier.
Honestly, probably nothing for me. My backlog is too deep, and I've barely touched Starfield yet. If I get Wonder, it will likely just be a Christmas present for my kids... that I'll play a shit ton more than them.


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- Spider-Man 2
- Alan Wake 2
- AC Mirage (maybe, probably)

Oh god these two months are more brutal than the last 18 months combined.


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Alan Wake 2
Spider-Man 2

MW3 in November. Space Marine 2 whenever that launches. Thats it for the year.


Spidey and Cities Skylines II.

All i need.

EDIT: Balls, forgot about Alan Wake. That too!
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Definitely Spider-Man 2, and I'm curious about Lords of the Fallen and Alan Wake 2 but won't be picking them up until much later.
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