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What, are you listening too?


Gold Member
Sep 4, 2018
this guy used to be a swamp guide in the Okefenokee, one of the most famous of the many crazy swamps near the Georgia-Florida line. he also made some rock n roll records. really cool stuff.


Harry Tung

Jun 1, 2018
Playing GTA 5 now and been mostly listening to the Underground Radio Station, where I found this super dope set by a DJ/group that calls themselves Tale of Us. They did some kind of live set when I was just driving around doing nothing and it was banging. Some of the best DJ set I´ve heard, especially coming from a game. I know GTA has a gold standard in music licensing but this really takes the cake. Rockstar is fucking ace when it comes to selecting music for their radio channels. Love minimalistic electronica like this, it´s simple and monotonous, yet so intense and vibrant,

One of the songs from the set

Here is the full set

Man, what wouldn´t I give for hearing this live in a smoke filled club just dancing my ass off the entire night, drunk off the arousing music that pulsates within my ears. Very sexy music.