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Social Opinion Community What, are you listening too?


Nov 1, 2019
The Middle of Nowhere
Usually super into classic rock, but (currently drunk af, as a warning) I've been reacquainting myself with my emo roots as the conservative, millennial female I, unfortunately, am. It may have a little to do with a weirdly separated relationship I invested 5 years of love into, or the Aunt I lost today (my money's on both), but that's not important. I forgot how angelic Amy Lee's voice is from Evanescence. Like regardless of this lady's mental issues God gifted her with an incredible voice, that goes hand in hand with the melancholy themes of the music she sings

(This one should get bonus points always because it's part of The Punisher OST)

And what kind of emo beach marysue would I be without mentioning;


Winter John

Mar 9, 2014
Dylan. Blonde On Blonde and Blood On The Tracks mostly. I never been a big fan but I like his classic albums. For some reason this is the time of year when I play a lot of his stuff.

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Aug 18, 2018
I am trying to post my Spotify year end thingy. Any idea how to post it?

Either way Sleater-Kinney was number 1. Angel Olsen, Lana Del Rey, Let’s Eat Grandma, and Sharon Van Etten were my top 5. For the year as far as listens.

I think The Cars, Wolf Alice, The Beatles, David Bowie, and The Beth’s were also up there.
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Deleted member 713885

Unconfirmed Member
My brother got out of jail. Was doing good for abound 3 weeks. Welfare had him in a motel room. I got him so stuff to make it a home. Even a bike to help him travel to probation/find a job.
Last 2 weeks hes disappeared. Back on the streets. OD'd and lived once from what I've been told.

This album/song hits me when I think about him.

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