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What, are you listening too?

Lionel Richie

Gold Member
Jun 22, 2014

Most motivational youtube comment ever: "Both of these guys are married with kids and living successful lives. We can all make it brehs".

Damn right.
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Fantastik Tuna
Mar 18, 2020

- Production is top tier; all the guitar and even piano feel very distinct and sound lovely
- Reminds me like a mixture of Holy Wood and classic Bowie
- Manson has matured as an artist; no ham-fisted shock value in sight here and that's awesome because he's too old for that crap, and sounds like he finally realizes it. Just his usual whimsy and wordplay on display here
- Love that this dude can still write a great hook - how many albums does he have now? Jesus. Dreary Bowie has retained his pop sensibilities

Awesome new release. While I've kinda 'grown out' of Manson, I still like keeping tabs on the dude.

Cheers, Mr. Warner.

Thing on a Spring

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Jan 6, 2013
Northern Ireland
I love hearing good, new music (new to me anyway) and I've got Tony Hawk remaster to thank for this one. Real song starts around 45 seconds.

edit: It's kinda like The Hives and D.A.F had a groovy baby band.
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