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What, are you listening too?


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Sep 7, 2020
I am currently listening Lucid Dreams by juice Wrld. He was a great rapper but unfortunately left us too early. I used to have his special Lucid dreams cap when this song was released. He made his name in such a short span of time in the rap industry. Here is my favourite song of him.

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Miku Miku

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Jan 13, 2018

I've talked frequently about going to a lot of concerts. But one thing I've definitely never seen live is a pipe organ concert in a giant cathedral.

I'm not even sure how to look that up and find one, but that's on my bucket list for sure. Youtube just wont do it justice. The sound is immense I'm sure.
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Jul 4, 2020
Only vaguely related, but i am always annoyed when i hear this type of singing which (so far at least) I've only encountered white women adopting.. two names i can do off my head are Sarah Blasko and Billie Eilish (at least, in the 15 seconds of one of her songs I've heard).. a type of singing in which they change the way they pronounce words until it sounds like a mix of a European child and a boomerang... it's a type of singing where they turn an "our" into an "aour"... And saying "I" becomes "Aiee".. it was great when Sarah Blasko did it, or whoever it was she copied, imo, but yeah, ten years and a thousand derivative artists later it should really have a black label on it~ ah well, keeps selling.

Edit: also brad pitt's daughter in moneyball
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