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What are you reading? (8/8)

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I'm re-reading Clive Barker's The Great and Secret Show. Everville is up next. I just love his books, especially the earlier works. I re-read Imajica not to long ago, and it is just breathtaking.

White Man


Arthur Rimbaud: Complete Works and Selected Letters

He's sort of an idol to me. I took a break to read some of my favorites. He's sort of like the artist's Che Guevara. He is sooooooooooo hot in this pic.

If anyone could tell me how to request that hair style at a stylists, please say so.


Read these two for AP summer reading:

The Accidental Tourist was good, but I felt it was unfinished and I felt disapointed/unsatisfied with the ending.

East of Eden, however, was great in every way and I fully recommend it. At 609 pages, it's pretty hefty, but the plot is amazing and it's a wonderful reading experience. Definately one of my favorites.


im reading cryptonomicon by stephenson, and a collection of noir novels from the 50's.
the killer inside me by jim thompson = rock.
Read Harry Potter 1-5 about a month ago. Now reading The Deer and the Cauldron book 3. It is the third book in a set of marvelous Kung-Fu/History novels by the author of Heaven Sword/Dragon Sabre and The Legendary Couple (or at least the novels that were the basis for the comics released over here by ComicsOne.)

I also need to finish Outlaws of the Marsh (Suikoden) and start Three Kingdoms (Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Both are four book sets and I was halfway through book three of Outlaws when Deer and the Cauldron 2 and 3 showed up.

Afterwards will come some Cadfael mysteries and Lois McMaster Bujold's Cordelia's Honor omnibus. That is if I have time before the next Discworld or Marcus Didius Falco come out, both of which I drop anything for.

Dark Knight Returns and the Watchmen are among my favorites. I read Good Omens about 8 or 9 years ago, while in high school, and absolutely loved it.


reggieandTFE said:
What do you think about this book? I enjoyed the first 100 or so pages, but after a while the author made me stop feeling zen-like and just want to throw it against a wall. I never went back to finish it.

yeah i thought it fucking sucked.


White Man said:

I've been reading this over and over again for the past month. My book budget is limited and it gets even better with subsequent readings. It's my second favorite Pynchon, next to Gravity's Rainbow. That, however, is thicker, pricier, more difficult to read, and never available in used book shops.

The Crying of Lot 49 is a must for anybody into paranoid literature. It practically invented the genre. Pynchon stays a couple steps ahead of the rest of the pack by dazzling the reader with his incredibly esoteric academic knowledge. Check this shiz out. It's short, too.

mucho maas.



Almost done.


Looks very interesting.

For anyone suspicious of it being solely a liberal rip on Bush and his administration:

Tucker Carlson, CNN (advance praise)

"Politicians talk so much that hardly anyone pays close attention to what they're actually saying. Ben Fritz, Bryan Keefer and Brendan Nyhan do, staying up late to match words with reality. It's a tough job -- imagine the migraines -- but the rest of us can be glad someone's doing it."

Hell, if Tucker Carlson doesn't mind it...


No longer boycotting the Wolfenstein franchise
Yeah, Bryan Keefer was on tonight's Daily Show plugging the book, and it sounds damned interesting as a look at the kind of PR spin that is done so well by the current administration. I might have to check it out.
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