What are your favorite Boss Battles in games?


Ishhin from Sekiro is as close as we've gotten to a perfect boss battle IMO:

It's challenging but fair.
It doesn't rely on some gimmick but rather puts your mastery of the combat system and all the skills you've learned through the game to the test.
It looks awesome
It's not some super long and drawn out endurance test. Win or lose it's usually over in less than 10 minutes
It's perfection


Here's a recent one I really liked, Lord Ganabelt from Tales of Arise, this is the first boss you fight with a full party of 4 and he really tests the skill of the player in all the mechanics shown up until that point but the real highlight of the fight is when he starts casting Indignation, long time Tales fans know this attack very well, it's considered one of the strongest attacks in the series and it's only used by the "good guys" so being on the other side waiting for the spell to come out really gives a lot of anxiety, you either need to keep the party fully healed to resist the attack or stop him before he finishes the spell, it was a really hype skill check boss.

Vergil and Credo from the DMC games are arguably my favourite. I could go on and on but I find it very hard to decide which ones I would consider my favourites above all others.


my fav Soulsborne boss:

fav Platinum Game's boss:
Yes to this and everyone else that posted something from revengence.
It’s criminal we didn’t get a sequel.

This has all of Kojima’s jibberish and semi-lucid points all in one place and is one of his most coherent stories.
I like boss battles that are puzzles you have to figure out. The entire Shadow of the Colossus, MGS series and Demon's souls are games I really enjoyed.
this. & also the older zelda bosses that each required you to use the tool/weapon you found in their dungeon...
already mentioned and i still have flashbacks and nightmares of it: Isshin Sword Saint in Sekiro.

i lost count of how many times it took me to beat that bastard. easily 100+

so many emotions. started off with confidence and optimism which turned into irritation and frustration. then came the tears and anger. after that i felt numb but eventually determined. i felt like a robot sitting there with no emotion but my hands moving almost mechanically out of muscle memory. i wasn't going to let him beat me. eventually i did kick his ass but if you asked me to go back in and do it again it very well might have been another 100 runs before i got him. i defeated him but it felt like i only got lucky.

Pyral Phoenix

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Nobody said Slave Knight Gale?
The whole fight and lore behind it and the journey you take till you reach that point, how it's like a duel of fate.
I swear I'd replay DSIII all over again for just him


Grigori - Dragons Dogma was a superfun fight.

Vanquish, all boss battles were really nice and intense.

First boss battle I remember still, actually still fire up the game in a emu from time time to:



There are a lot of great boss battles in my entire career, but I usually praise the one that make the fight FEEL like a fair and hard duel between the player and the CPU, such as:

Allen O'Neil - Metal Slug (ARCADE)

Specifically the Metal Slug 1 variant of this boss (it's recurring during the series) just because it's a pure, simple and deadly fast paced duel between two highly trained (results may vary) soldiers. Allen has one of the best AI's in the entire game, and even then is not frustrating because he's somewhat predictable in his movements. One mistake, and you are done.
I just love this fight.
The other "Allen's Duels" of the latter games aren't bad, but they either add something annoying or unwanted during the duel, just to make it a little more "unfair" sometimes.

Mr.Sandman - Punch-Out!! (NES)

Alot of people, when talking about Punch-Out!! on the NES, always remember Mike Tyson because... well, it's motherf*cking Mike Tyson, he's the hardest contender in the game.
But Mr.Sandman is special to me. He has close to no unpredictable attacks, and because of that, almost every single hit of his are devastating. Only quick reflexes and a great strategy make this fight winnable.
Plus, he's the only contender in the entire game that doesn't give you any star to perform Star Punches (technically, he does in the 3rd round, but it's still very hard to get them, and in the third round you are pretty much bound to end the battle with a "time up" anyway), making the fight especially difficult, even for experienced players.
No tricks, no easy big damage button: you either win greatly or lose badly.

Traximus - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus (PS2)

A lot of you are probably like: "what?" and I understand that.
Even tho this game might not be a known as a classic/masterpiece, I can't forget how good it was made under certain circumstances. Traximus' boss fight is another fine example of great duel boss fight. He's invulnerable to thrown weapons (such as shurikens or kunais) so you HAVE to face it head to head with no tricks. His attacks hit as hard as a truck, and most of the times can even stun you if you don't predict them correctly. Parrying his attacks is hard, but if you manage to do so it feels awesome. His AI is pretty advanced too, as it tries to use his strongest attack only when he manages to stun you (I don't know about you, but it feels like an ultimate punishment for not being able to stand up to him correctly).
Just a great fight, maybe not as good as the previous ones, but DEFINITELY deserves recognition from me.

Other possible candidates for great boss fights are:

Gorgon from Starfox 64
Javier Jaguar from Guacamelee
Metal Gear Rex from Metal Gear Solid
Captain from Nuclear Throne

Necromancer from Castle Crashers
Satan from The Binding of Isaac


Alduin (serious buildup)
Wheatley (epic ending)
Malenia (sheer difficulty)
Big Smoke (remember his name!)


There are lots of memorable Dark Souls boss fights, but one that I think is underrated is Lothric and Lorian. Check out the midpoint cutscene below. Really neat twist to the battle.

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