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What are your predictions for Nintendos E3 presentation?


Nintendos E3 is approaching very soon and I dont think i´ve been this hyped about a E3 direct since Nintendos 2017 january direct.

This thread will contain rumors of games that are likely to be shown. If you dont want to know anything about Nintendos E3, then look away..

My predictions are as followed:

Zelda 35th anniversary: Skyward Sword along with a dual port collection of TP HD and WW HD. A teaser trailer for Breath of The Wild 2.

Mario: Some minor announcement about Mario Golf before it launches. I also believe there will be a new 2D Mario game. Could either be a RPG or a platformer.

Kirby/Yoshi: I put these together cause I dont think we will get a game from both franchises at this E3. For me personally im hoping for a 3D Kirby game. We havent seen a 3D Kirby game since the N64, so its about time the devs did something different with Kirby.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle 2: Theres rumors about a hidden surprise game at the Ubisoft event this saturday and a well known insider knows which console its for. My guess is a sequel to Kingdom Battle. Its been three years I think since the first one, so im hopeful that it shows up.

Bayonetta 3: Ever since the Game Awards teaser trailer for Bayonetta 3 in 2017 I believe, we havent seen anything else. Its time for a full reveal of the game and a launch date, hopefully this year.

Metroid: Now, this is a doozy. Metroid Prime 4 would probably not be shown at E3, but a 2D Metroid game is pretty likely according to several insiders.

Donkey Kong: Again, according to several insiders, a 2D Donkey Kong game is ready to be shown and realeased this year. Me personally, I would hope for a 3D Donkey Kong game, but the rumors is saying a 2D game is more likely.

Monolith Soft new game: I think a new IP or Xenoblade game is ready to be shown at E3 and im hoping for a new IP. Would be really exciting.

New Mario Kart: This one is kinda hard. Mario Kart 8 realeased on the Wii U in 2014, and its still selling like hot cakes! Nintendo probably doesnt need to make a new Mario Kart, but I would love either Mario Kart 9, or a Nintendo Kart type of game.

I cant think of any more predictions that I have, but would love to hear your thoughts on Nintendos E3 direct!
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Honestly, other than new hardware, I expect pretty much the same thing every year. A new Zelda/Metroid/Mario/DK announcement or preview.... Something added to Smash and maybe a alpha preview of a new game really far out.
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Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was.
I have no expectations, and that's probably a good sign.

I have hopes. I hope to see Metroid in any form, I'd like to see Bayonetta 3, and I'd like gameplay footage of BotW2. If I get ANY of those three, I'll be extremely elated.

But I don't have expectations per se. Something will be shown, it could be just about anything..


Anything Golden Sun, Eternal Darkness HD rermake, 1080 , excite bike, Wave Race and F - Zero. anything from this series will good enough for me.


Next character DLC for Smash. Lots of time being used on Splatoon expansion pack number 3. Switch Pro and because of that some western AAA games from the last 5 years which couldn't run on the current Switch will be announced as ports to Pro. A new trailer for BotW 2, but only CGI footage. No Metroid Prime 4. No Bayonetta 3. No SMT V. Next 3D Mario game is 50/50. Maybe a surprise announcement other than this.


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If they announce the Switch Pro:
BotW2, Bayonetta 3, 3D mario, maybe a glimpse at Metroid Prime 4 and something new by Monolity and DKC.

If they don't announce the Swith Pro:
Ports, indies, Smash DLC and Maybe some Animal Crossing update or event or something like that.
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Definitely one garbage kids property tie-in that gets way too much time spent on it relative to how many people will buy it.

SF Kosmo

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Crystal ball says:

Wario Ware

New Xenoblade (sequel to X)

New Mario Party

Zelda OoT + MM + Twilight Princess on Switch

New Donkey Kong. Not Retro.

Metroid 5 side-scroller.

Anything else new you're hoping for isn't going to happen until the Super Switch announcement.
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They will win E3 because nobody expects much from Nintendo and we all be surprised

there I said it
Doubt it. I think Nintendo will bring the heat with the Super Switch announcement, but if we haven't gotten it yet we're probably not getting it at E3.


I have no expectations, and that's probably a good sign.

I have hopes. I hope to see Metroid in any form, I'd like to see Bayonetta 3, and I'd like gameplay footage of BotW2. If I get ANY of those three, I'll be extremely elated.

But I don't have expectations per se. Something will be shown, it could be just about anything..
I'm exactly in that camp. Nintendo has shown us these past few years that they can show anything (yes, ANYTHING, like the labo stuff or the karting AR toys, or ring fit) on their "big events" (namely Nintendo Directs), so who knows... one can hope for something, but with Nintendo...you never know....


I honestly don’t know what to think of a future hardware announcement at this point…”insider rumors” aside. Maybe it comes, maybe it doesn’t. I was on the train that it would’ve been revealed before their Tuesday time slot…but I’m afraid that ship sailed. Hopefully I’m wrong though- I’ve been chomping at the bits for it.

From a software perspective, I think BOTW2 will make an appearance for sure. It’s too much of a hype driver to let it slip by again. I also think maybe a new unexpected Ubisoft collab or exclusive new Ubisoft IP will make an appearance.

I think EA will finally announce a port or two that no one really cares for, as they’ll try to cash in on sheer number of Switch units out in the ether…and they spent too long being either reluctant or spiteful against the console (I always think they’ve held a grudge since the Wii U / Origin deal fell thru).

I think we’ll see ONE new smash character reveal, and they’ll save the final one for a September direct. Pretty sure Sakurai said it ends after character pass 2 if I recall correctly.

I think now that Mario’s 35th is over we’ll switch gears into the ‘year of Zelda’. Skyward Sword this summer, and a port pack akin to SMB Allstars coming this fall—likely September. Thinking it’s Twilight Princess and WW double pack. No Grezo MM or OOT games make the cut I’m thinking.

Pokemon brilliant diamond and shining pearl get a quick shout out, and Arceus doesn’t make the cut. That gets a separate Pokémon direct later in the year

Splatoon 3 I think gets passed over. I think it made the Feb Direct bc they needed a ‘big announcement’ to lift a very slow start to 2021 but had to show a game still very early on in development. Splatoon 3 summer 2022.

August sees us with Metroid 5…leaving breathing room between Skyward Sword and the Zelda celebration later on in the year.

Lastly, the big Winter game is either BOTW2, Xeno3, or Mario Kart 9 for the holiday rush. We also see one more unexpected 2022 game teaser for something no one expected.

I really hope this Direct surpasses all my expectations…but such is the vicious Nintendo hype cycle…it always isn’t what you are expecting it to be. Fingers crossed we all come out winners as gamers and Nintendo fans. Cheers everyone.
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Metroid Prime 4 footage is in order. It's been 4 years since we had the announcement. I mean come on... The wait is about to surpass Breath of the Wild. Speaking of which a Breath of the Wild 2 update would also be nice. I would be thrilled with just those two games alone honestly. Maybe a surprise Mario Kart 9 is in development announcement?? The obligatory smash character or characters will be announced. The Switch Pro will be revealed. Splatoon 3 is a given. That's all I got.
I expect nothing. i win either way. it will either be a poor showing and I won’t feel bad about it or it will blow my socks right off and I will be hyped.

I’ll watch and see what happens but I’ll take it for what it is.

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Zelda, possibly Metroid, possible Wii U ports (Zelda). Potential disappointment. Looking forward to the E3 real time threads, lol.


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Switch Pro

Breath' 2 reveal

News on the next Animal Crossing seasonal update

A surprise reveal at the end about the remake of some old Nintendo classic property. Spin the wheel on which one.


*Metroid Prime 4.
*Bayonetta 3.
*No More Heroes 3.
*Mario Kart.
*Smash Bros update.
*Oddventure and Eastward.

- VC update for SNES and NES, long shot would be N64.
- Zelda 35th anniversary games, 1 released after conference. Looking for WW, could also add OoT or MM to the N64 VC
- Also possible is a couple different collections, OoT and MM on one cart for example.
- Zelda Switch LE and Zelda BotW2 game play or new trailer and info.
- New Indies and crossover partnerships.
- New Jrpgs or Jrpg ports.

Cutty Flam

-Zelda Collectors Edition (4 games)
-Nintendo 64 games for NSO
-BOTW sequel 2nd official Trailer
-Mario & Luigi
-Star Fox
-Resident Evil character in SSBU
-Mario Party for 2022 announced
-Donkey Kong
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Cutty Flam

I no longer trust them with this franchise. IMO it has progressively gone downhill with every entry post-64. Zero was one of the worst quality controlled games I’ve ever played from Nintendo.
How was Star Fox Adventures? I had that game, but was never able to get past the beginning lol


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If I don’t get my gameplay footage for SMT5.......


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I'm going in with low expectations. I'll be happy as long as I get a new trailer and a title for BotW2.

Everything else is a bonus.


How was Star Fox Adventures? I had that game, but was never able to get past the beginning lol
It actually wasn’t too bad. At least I liked it for the fact that it went in a bold new direction. I feel like with the rails / Panzer Dragoon formula you can only do so much and that gameplay loop and style just doesn’t hold up anymore today.

I liked Adventures some because it was so different which immersed me…but I thought it was brutally difficult as a kid. I never liked the combat, and although I liked it for being different…it did suffer I think from being *too* removed from the Star Fox universe. Hell, I’m pretty sure it started out development as an entirely different game (Dinosaur Planet) and the decision was made to shoehorn the SF franchise into it well last the midpoint of development. I haven’t gone back to this since I was a kid, ~13 so just going off memories. I also remember not ever knowing what the hell I was supposed to do in the game, and never finished it. Too many items to find if I remember correctly. The graphics were really ahead of their time tho. I remember everyone oo-ing over the fur render on Fox ha.

I think the only other decent entry was Assault on GCN. I really didn’t like command on DS and Zero honestly is one of the most poorly finished Ninty games ever released. Oh, and Guard sucked. Five Nigjt at Freddys rip-off.
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I don't ask for much Nintendo.

Age of Calamity DLC is Purah and Robbie
Breath of the Wild 2 full reveal and release date
Bayonetta 3 full reveal and release date
Great Ace Detective Chronicles
Monolith Soft Golden Sun Revamp
Metroid Prime 4 full reveal and release date
Metroid V full reveal and release date
Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin
Mario Kart 9
No More Heroes 3
NEO The World Ends With You
Paper Zelda
Super Mario Odyssey 2
Splatoon 3
SMT V full reveal and release date
Monolith Soft Star Fox RPG
Mother Trilogy Remaster for West
Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 being available for separate purchase.
Ocarina of Time full remake.
Oracle Of Age and Season spiritual successors ala Link Between Worlds and Link's Awakening Remake. The never made Third Oracle game would suffice.
Twilight Princess HD for Switch
Twilight Princess 2
Wind Waker HD for Switch.
Wind Waker 2
Super Virtual Console/Nintendo Pass - NES to Wii U, Gameboy to 3DS titles.
Xenoblade 3
Xenoblade X-2 DE for Switch
Xenoblade Warriors
F-Zero Infinity
Sora, Dante, Master Chief and Doom Guy in Smash.
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Mm they'll continue with the zelda anniversary theme so, if we're lucky we'll get some gameplay for botw 2. Mayyybe they'll announce twilight princess hd, windwaker hd and/or ocarina and majora's mask, but I doubt it because that would take away some attention from skyward sword. It would be clever to show a little trailer for skyward sword that way.

Maybe a teaser of the next smash character. I don't know if they'll include much gameplay because Sakurai likes to do it himself.

If we get something metroid prime 4 related, it'll only be a cutscene, they had to restart development and it takes time to have something presentable.

No More Heroes 3 releases in August so I think it's possible that more gameplay will be shown.

Shin Megami Tensei 3 remastered is already out, so maybe Atlus will give us a gameplay trailer of smt v.

Maybe more gameplay of Pokémon arceous or diamond and pearl remasters, but the Pokémon company likes to do their own directs.

Maybe an overview of monster hunter rise v3 update along with some gameplay of monster hunter stories 2.

Maybe a new super mario bros??

More info on splatoon 3??
Nintendo has been quiet most of 2021 so far, if anything I expect treehouse gameplay of...

No More Heroes 3
Mario Golf
Zelda Skyward Sword HD

Then I'm sure we'll get Gameplay trailers of....

Pokemon Arceus or Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
Zelda anniversary collection
Splatoon 3

Then lastly, Game announcements I hope to see

Bayonetta 3
Metroid 4
New Xenoblade game
New Donkey Kong game
More Third party games in a sizzle reel

It's a short show so I'm not expecting much but I hope I'm wrong. I don't think we'll get a Switch Pro announcement, that might be in a whole Nintendo direct instead while E3 is mostly aimed at it's current gen games


I sure hope some games that were cock-teased by various "leakers" multiple times like the Fire Emblem 4 remake or a 2D Metroid will show up.


Hopefully Switch Pro and Metroid Prime 4 showcased. I miss Nintendo being a graphics powerhouse, we all know what Switch games look like at this point. Mostly games with low ish detail, struggling to run at 1080p and 30fps. It gets pretty dull. Show something great looking!


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Switch Version of Xenoblade Chronicles X, however there will be controversy as the version used for the Japanese release will be based on the censored western version and lack the boob slider and ability to make short characters.

It will sell but not to expected numbers due to this, just like Tokyo Mirage Session.
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SF Kosmo

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Crystal ball says:

Wario Ware

New Xenoblade (sequel to X)

New Mario Party

Zelda OoT + MM + Twilight Princess on Switch

New Donkey Kong. Not Retro.

Metroid 5 side-scroller.

Anything else new you're hoping for isn't going to happen until the Super Switch announcement.
Okay I got like half right, I want
a mod to update my status to "credible leaker" now.
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