What can Resident Evil 4 Remake do to surpass the original?


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Lol! Code Veronica throws the most guns and ammo at you out of the classic Resident Evil games plus the knife in that game is overpowered.
Hey! I when I played that game for the first time I was young and was not good at video games. But that moment hunts me to this day, so when I play any survival horror game I will try save up supplies and bullets as much as I can.


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Hey! I when I played that game for the first time I was young and was not good at video games. But that moment hunts me to this day, so when I play any survival horror game I will try save up supplies and bullets as much as I can.
I figured lol, It was my way hoping anyone who sees that message would understand these games are not all that difficult once you understand the mechanics.



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Nemesis somewhat

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Can't say about the others, but you can indeed 'kill' Nemesis (RE3 from Playstation 1) and if you do he drop some really good stuff, not to mention he for a period of time stop showing in some scenes.

Dunno about the RE3make.


By having the full game support PSVR 2.....RE4 VR on Quest 2 is absolutely fantastic.

The new version on PSVR 2 with updated graphics would be incredible.

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I've been replaying 4 - I just got past the Minecart section in Professional (second playthrough) - I hope they keep the ditman glitch, maybe even introduce something similar. I dont speedrun, but tons of people lose their shit over that kind of stuff and it is fun to watch them do their thing from a distance.

Someone prior posted about enemies interacting with one another - I agree, that would be awesome. One of the most memorable sections of the game is when the ganados in the first village fight signal to one another to attack Leon.

I'd like the ability to explore a bit more - maybe some more treasure and some more hidden/secret areas to explore. Not open world or anything like that, but sort of like Half Life 2 with its hidden areas. Perhaps nice bits of lore hidden in them.

I'd also love to keep the castle and the island - but add more creativity to them. There are ways that Capcom could make both of those more memorable like the village.

Get rid of the rocket launcher, or make it more expensive. Make boss fights more interesting. Salazar is a shit fight. Saddler is a super lackluster final boss.

No button mashing.

More interaction with ADA. Expanded operation ada and mercs.


Do not change the tone of the game. Keep it 70% goofy, 30% serious, 100% stylish and self-aware.
Do not turn it into just another wanna be serious third person shooter. Nothing worse than the boring melodrama most western studios keep throwing at us, under the pretext of cinematic experiences.

Oh, and fix that damn gigantic jacket Leon is wearing in the reveal. It's at least 2 numbers bigger than it should.
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Right off the bat better atmosphere and enemy designs which thankfully it looks like its accomplished.
I always felt RE lost a ton of its identity after the PS1, the monsters just got progressively less monstrous looking. U3 is the best example of this, its just a garbage design. Mutations should actually look twisted, crooked, bloody and painful.
Do you think some extra mode such as "Separate Ways" will be free or paid DLC? 🎮

Normally, we get free content for at least some of the experience. So it's hard to say so far. 🤔


What if they incorporate elements from the RE4 beta we saw back in the day? Things like Leon‘s hallucinations, the hookman, or maybe even scrapped locations like the airship? Maybe the airship is how we get to the island in the remake?

The tone of the remake is already closer to the RE beta footage and early trailers (and I believe Ashley’s new outfit is also inspired by her beta design), so it‘s not out of the question that they‘ll include some other stuff from the early builds of RE4. I wouldn’t be surprised if the second half of the game is totally different from the original, and that they‘ll only show footage from the village and castle to surprise us.

I hope they go that route, and I hope they‘ll do the same for the inevitable RE5 remake (which was originally supposed to have some kind of sun/shadow mechanic if I remember correctly, where you get weaker if you stay too long in the blazing sun, and have to recover in the shadows, but shadowy areas are also where most of the zombies are).
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Make the exact same game with better graphic, maybe slightly less clunky movements and combat and it's gonna be by default better than the original.

Any other change or cut can undermine the final result like it was with re3 remake, ff7 remake, etc.
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Besides better graphics and gameplay tweaks, I don’t think there is much they can do to noticeably improve the game.

I wouldn’t mind if they get rid of those invincible enemies that like to follow you around.

Move and shoot

Branching paths?

Maybe upgrade the combat with a few more options and techniques?

Give Leon a Ryu Hayabusa style izuma drop that you can execute off rooftops on enemies.


the fuck?
They removed bits of dialogue where Leon was hitting on Hunnigan, or Louis making the ballistics joke, and I've read an interview with the producer of the VR port somewhere and the basic logic was to neuter that kind of dialogue for modern audiences.

In other words: Resident Evil 4: Cucked Edition
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"Surpass" is a weird one. I think it'll be much like REmake 2 where it feels better to play, but the original remains a classic that's worth going back to for various reasons.

No need to try and outdo a classic, it will never have the same impact. Just tighten it up and give it a fresh set of wheels.
I agree. Not sure I liked the previous two remakes either (2 & 3) as much as their originals. If it was a new story though -- the popularity could surpass...maybe.
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