What do you like about horror games?

Dec 20, 2018
I bet someone once already made thread like this, but let's just make a new start...

When you think about it, horror in games was present for decades now, and there's just lot of it, be it survival shooter, adventure where you have a just average person as a protagonist, or FPV which kind of puts you even closer to that terrible place in game, not to mention VRs.

Won't lie, I never liked all that much getting scared, but more times than not, I found something amazing in just there being that kind of game where you are in extremely dangerous place, and you pretty much are trying to survive all of that.
There is also simply overall mystery, and trying to find answers that maybe don't even exist...

To you guys who like these sorts of games, what is it about them, that draws you to them, since they aren't really made for you to just sit back, and relax.

Enjoy in thread.


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Mar 22, 2017
It depends.

In games like Resident Evil series is not really what you call “scary” but the encounters are intense.

In games like Silent Hill is creepy atmosphere and the feeling something is very wrong and throughout the game that feeling never leaves.
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Oct 15, 2010
I like the idea of you (the player) being the issue of continuing on with a game. It's almost like you become your own enemy.

It's a very honest emotional reaction.

But just general fear isn't enough to create that reaction. The game has to be good on it's base elements of enjoyment. You have to make that moment of "This game is so good, I don't want to stop playing. buuuuuuuuut...."
My three biggest offenders that come to mind are Silent Hill 2, Siren: Blood Curse and P.T.
All three made me stop in my tracks.
Should add That F.E.A.R was ace too.
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Aug 26, 2018
Id say its the addiction to that somber/uneasy feeling. When I almost unwillingly boot up a game, then that means they did something right regarding the atmosphere. Pretty much it never gets boring and once you kinda figure out the mechanics then you feel a little better but still dread when the next boss encounter will come :D
Nov 24, 2018
I like their gameplay (whether action or stealth or escape or...) and stories, if they're good, it's not the horror specifically that attracts me, though if it's done well it can certainly enhance the experience a lot.
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Apr 5, 2011
I can say, honestly, horror is an AMAZING genre for the streaming community. As stated previously, your reactions are authentic. But even more than that, the engagement is top notch because the player is genuinely scared (if done well). There is no better way to keep someone present within their task than inducing outright fear. The adrenaline rush produced by these games, and the subsequent relief when an area is cleared, is what keeps me coming back...
Jun 3, 2013
That they genuinely make me not want to do what is required to finish the game. They are very effective at making me feel the terror of the situation, and I find movies don't get me nearly as worked up. They very effectively play with your emotions in ways that I find other genres don't really.

What I tend to like least are the monster designs, usually it's just gross for the sake of being gross.
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