What game are you currently playing?

Jul 5, 2018
Finished Arkham Knight yesterday. UGH best explains my feelings towards it. It looked great, amazing presentation but damn Rocksteady has been hit by the Ubisoft disease with this game; collectibles everywhere. Those repetitive batmobile and cobra sections were super tedious after the n'th time, and the story was pure nonsense. It's a shame since I loved their previous games.

Otherwise, having a blast with Driveclub, Rayman Origins and Child of Light.
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Dec 13, 2008
FF7 PS4, going for the plat. This has the weird effect of going from never using Aerith in the party for the Barrett date trophy to suddenly over using her to get the Great Gospel trophy. Why are missable trophies in JRPGs even allowed?
May 15, 2014
World of Warcraft
Rainbow Six: Siege
Fallout 4/3/New Vegas
Town of Salem (wish we could get a 15-man group going from Ngaf people). Hilarious game if you don't play it too much with randoms.
Dec 13, 2016
I'm currently playing GTAV, which I do recommend but getting into it as late as I have is quite a challenge. The community is fairly toxic for the most part I find.

I'm also playing Madden, which I so far am really enjoying the engine and collision updates, but Longshot lost it's feels. That was a bummer since the first longshot ended up being really enjoyable.

All in all, I do recommend both.


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Mar 9, 2018
I just bought Killing Floor Incursion, and Fallout New Vegas, so those are taking up most of my time. But I also got PS+ so I'm slowly get back into Overwatch too.
Jun 3, 2013
Northern Ireland
Watch dogs, picked it up cheap and wanted to play the first before I play the second. It's not actually too bad at all, not the best looking game, but the mechanics are quite nice and gameplay flows pretty well. It seems to get a lot of hate online though, I suppose cause Ubisoft oversold it a lot.
Mar 4, 2011
I finished World of Final Fantasy yesterday.

The game starts off awfully slow but once you get through it, WoFF is a bizarre mix of both dull and exciting. The dungeon designs just suck, not a fan of that fixed camera and said designs can go from dull to overly complicated in a flash. But the character's charm and personality is what keeps me going and the addictive nature of collecting Final Fantasy monsters Pokémon-style. While the dungeons are bad, most are mercifully short enough to get through. Plotwise, the game presents itself as deceptively kid friendly with chibi versions of a handful of FF characters (mercifully Lightining actually has more personality in this game than in the entire FF 13 trilogy). I say deceptively that while most of it is very humurous, there are a few very dark moments that are jarring when you think about it.

It was certainly a fun experience. It had it's dull moments but you are into Final Fantasy but are looking for something a little different to play around with that universe, WoFF might just be the thing. It's jam packed with references, callbacks, quirky characters and it's very self aware.
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Oct 20, 2015
Was playing the Shadow of War demo and got hooked. I'm waiting for the complete version release though. Not sure what to play now. I might go for World of Final Fantasy, as stated above by another member.
May 23, 2016
Currently playing Rome Total War 2 when I have the time. I'm dabbling in Yakuza, but my wife took it over from me. I'm also playing Dead Cells at any moment I get spare.
Sep 4, 2013
Just finished replaying RDR1 yesterday and now playing the Undead Nightmare expansion.

Yes I can't wait for RDR2. Still 11 weeks to go :(
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Aug 17, 2016
Across the universe
Since Quake Champions went F2P I'm starting it. It's very good but also very hard (the learning curve is steep as hell)

Also No Man's Sky, enjoying the update a lot.

Sadly, I don't have the time to play Persona 5, I left it after the 2nd Palace.
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Jul 10, 2017
I can't fucking finish enter the gungeon on switch. The performance is awful, not recommended. Love the game, next time is on sale on ps4, ill get it there. I've finished the game a couple of times, but performance is so bad, I don't enjoy it as much as I could.
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Nov 1, 2017
Nier Automata, platunimed yesterday.
Finished Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic 1 a few days ago with a evil Revan Play through , then started Star Wars KOTOR 2 as a goodie goodie jedi. they are still fantastic games even today. am just trying to beat a few games so am ready for RDR2 day one

:messenger_ok: Awesome work guys! Hardcore gamers ftw. Respect. :messenger_fistbump:
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Jan 15, 2011
I can't fucking finish enter the gungeon on switch. The performance is awful, not recommended. Love the game, next time is on sale on ps4, ill get it there. I've finished the game a couple of times, but performance is so bad, I don't enjoy it as much as I could.
I've been having a blast with Gungeon on Switch. But, yeah, the performance issues can be a little overbearing. Some of the gun combo and synergy boosts make certain weapons unusable, such is the stutter they cause. But, I've soldiered on and beat most of what the game has to offer. I have it on Steam, where, of course, it glides like a skater on ice, but I just like the idea of Gungeon-On-The-Go too much. So, I endure. Great game. Almost done with it.

Next up is Hollow Knight; it looks beautiful, it's buttery smooth, but I haven't been quite pulled in yet. Only been an hour or so gameplay, but I'm still waiting for something to click, for it to become awesome. Looks great on the Switch and is super smooth, at least, so far.
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Jun 1, 2018
Took down my second Divine Beast in Breath of the Wild yesterday. It was a fun encounter but I am missing the feel of a real dungeon. I admire the ambition of pushing things forward, and not getting stuck in the past, but Zeldas dungeons are too iconic to ditch. One thing that I haven´t been missing is the contrived puzzles that seems to be everywhere in the game. Seriously, it´s a puzzle section every inch of the map, or at least it feels that way, and I can´t remember Zelda being so heavy on the puzzles. Or maybe they were and I´ve just forgot about it. Haven´t played the series for a long time.

I also dislike the constant rain. It´s an amazing feature to let Link being able to climb everywhere, it does much for the immersiveness, but the raining keeps disrupting it and it throws me out of the experience due to the annoyance of it. The world is beautiful, and the lore and world building is excellent, it seems that Nintendo has fleshed it out real good this time, putting heavy emphasis on the story. Armor and weapons look really cool so it´s kinda of a bummer that the weapons break all the time. A normal upgrading system would have been much better. I also don´t like the gigantic size of the map. It´s nice to see a fully realised Hyrule, the vistas are quite breathtaking sometimes, but a lot of areas just seems like empty voids, wastelands with nothing more than mountains and grass. Nintendo could have condensed the map a little, it´s a lot of boring trekking that ultimately leads to nothing, which makes it feel tedious and a waste of time.

There are many things to like in Breath of the Wild, sometimes it´s just a magical tour de force of genius game design, the production values are great, with amazing graphics and sound, but there are also many things to dislike. Some decisions just leaves me with a deep sigh and scratching my head. But overall, it´s a positive experience and I am having fun most of the time, it´s just that it feels vastly overrated when compared to the massive hype and critical acclaim this game has received. And that makes me feel a bit disappointed.
Jul 10, 2017
Next up is Hollow Knight; it looks beautiful, it's buttery smooth, but I haven't been quite pulled in yet. Only been an hour or so gameplay, but I'm still waiting for something to click, for it to become awesome. Looks great on the Switch and is super smooth, at least, so far.
Is it? I was eyeing that game, tons of praise and for $15 looks tempting. I love the switch portability but I hate frame drops.
Jan 15, 2011
Is it? I was eyeing that game, tons of praise and for $15 looks tempting. I love the switch portability but I hate frame drops.
I've played the first few hours and it's solid. Hits and sticks to 60fps; that's in handheld mode. Though, as beautiful as it is, it's not quite grabbed me yet and it's filling me with dread that there's about 30-40 more hours of this. But, I'm willing to give it a few play sessions to grab hold of me. Otherwise, not quite feeling it at the moment.
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Aug 13, 2018
I've been playing Age of Decadance for a while, a true masterpiece, also play War Field from time to time. But my favorite game is Crusader Kings II. I can spend weeks in this game.
Mar 5, 2005
Ys VIII. Just chipping away at it. I have been mildly disappointed by it. It's more linear than I was expecting. I'm also finding it kind of boring and slow. Apart from Laxia, I don't like the characters at all.
Dead by Daylight. PS+ freebie. Totally blindsided by this. Not in my wheelhouse at all. Online games just aren't generally my thing. I'm really enjoying playing this as killer. I'm not very good though.
Lumines Remastered. Wow. I've always enjoyed Lumines, but this is sooooo good. Thoroughly enjoying this one.
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Apr 15, 2018
I decided to download Planetside 2 on ps4 today and surprisingly it was pretty fun. Taking part of huge scale battles is mighty impressive, although the interface and UI can suck big fat dicks.
Oct 5, 2016
Barely played anything over the last few months as I’ve been enjoying the summer, but just got 100% of trophies on Hitman GOTY Edition and finished the bonus episodes. Very enjoyable.
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Mar 4, 2011
Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book

I don't really have much of a desire to replay the game but I'm doing so because I lost the original save file while I was upgrading my PS4 hard drive to a 2TB disk. And I have to keep myself busy before Shenmue I & II HD comes out.

What drove me to play this was that as a JRPG, it seemed very unconventional. It's not a story about an epic world saving hero with tragedy, intrigue, romance and twists. It's very much a slice-of-life adventure with a ton and I mean a ton of fetch quests. And using alchemy to create almost anything: potions, weapons, armor, etc.

Crafting better weapons, armor and such actually become mandatory, because characters max out at Level 20 you have to get around that problem with stronger items. Because while you can't level up beyond level 20, enemies can.
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Apr 21, 2010
Just finished up Rise of the Tomb Raider. I'd give it a 7 overall. The story was just way too hokey and poorly written to keep me engaged on that level. So many groan-inducing moments. This series could be so much better if they got some competent writers. Being interested in a game's story and characters is important to me (at least in a game like this), so the poor writing really got in my way of enjoying the game.

The shooting/action elements were good, though, so that's where I focused my attention. At first I felt bored by yet another game where I have to collect stuff and craft weapons and ammo, but once I got into the swing of it, it was fun. Lots of weapons and upgrade choices. The game kept the action up, and there were some good combat scenarios, especially later in the game.

It was pretty easy on normal difficulty. There wasn't much challenge up until the last 15% of the game or so. I could've raised the difficulty and given myself more of a challenge, but I play most games on normal difficulty.

The levels felt contrived, because it was always clear exactly what you needed to do next -- where to climb, how to get there, etc. The game kept giving you prompts about what to do, even up to the boss fights at the end.

I didn't find any of the lore or collectibles of much interest. Way too much junk littering the map, imo.

I might have enjoyed the game more if I had played through the challenge tombs along the way, rather than save them for after the game. I didn't see much point in doing them after the main story is over (unless you just enjoy solving the puzzles), because the rewards are meaningless.

So, overall, it was fun as an action game, but the story was so poorly written that I finished it yesterday, and I've already forgotten it. Either that or I've got dementia.
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Aug 12, 2018
just 2 things, dragonball fighterZ on xbox one, only because I played the switch Beta and it made me want to play it again after finishing it, but this time online.

Paladins on the switch, the free version, I should really pay out the £24.99 for the founders pack I play it that much... its a fun game and it turns out i'm pretty good at it (if I do say so myself) which may be as I was addicted to overwatch since launch, still love playing it from time to time now.
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