What game are you currently playing?

Punished Miku

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I've barely been "in control" since January 1st. I'm now close to being "out of control." Too many games.
  • Atomic Heart (not sure how far I am, but I've played like 15 hours at least)
  • Octopath Traveler 2 (I think 15 hours into this one as well)
  • Valheim (built a house over the last 2 nights)
  • Wanted: Dead (doing one more run, 5th time through, then I'd like to try and beat the shmup mini-game but it's tough)
Need to start ASAP:
  • Wo Long
  • Bayonetta: Cereza and the Lost Demon
  • Panormasight


I bought the callisto protocol at launch on pc but the performance has been awful so I've waited and waited to it had been fixed.

Even with the latest update with ray tracing on its still unacceptable.

So I've finally decided to turn off ray tracing and play it.

Hopefully it will be fixed in the future for a possible second play through.


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Currently playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order....super late to the party i know but i thought id give it a go, especially the new one drops late next month.
I’ve nearly finished Sekiro. I’m at the unholy trinity: Father Owl, Isshin and Demon of Hatred.

Amazing that it took me a quarter of the time to get here than it did the last time I played. It’s such a rewarding game in that respect.

I’m also still playing Cyberpunk. I thought I’d just go through interesting quests but here I am slogging through all the NCPD ones again - I just love the context building you find in laptops and shards etc. it struck me last night that it’s become as comforting a game as Witcher 3 is to me.

I booted up Persona 4 for the first time before I went to bed. I can tell I’d love it but I’m not sure I have it in me at this point. Elden Ring is calling out to me…
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Got it when it came out, played the ever lovin' heck out of it, but it's been over 10 years now (can't believe it). Got inspired to throw it (KH Dream Drop Distance) back into my 3DS.

Such a great, little game. I still can't help getting a thrill out of how much some companies were putting into these little handheld games. And this is probably one of my favorite KH games gameplay-wise. Love all the little action extras and how they explain them, and how easy they make it to go back, and not only read the tutorials, but play through them. The FlowMotion combat is so fun. It almost makes the game feel like a shooter or Ninja Gaiden at times. Gives you that sense of chaos without really getting difficult. And I needed something breezy right now. KH has always been comfort food. Very comforting to play again.

Probably my favorite of the handheld KH games. I only played it on the PS4 (with the 2.5 re-release) but of all the handheld games, it controlled the best and had the most interesting unique game mechanics. The Flowmotion is fun and I really liked the "pokemon" aspect of it. I'm kind of tapped out of the story after KH3, but I do want to go back and do the DLC at some point. And maybe getting the platinum for KH1 and 2, those games are some of best childhood memories and all time favorites.

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Series X
Halo Infinite multiplayer
Battlefield 2042
Riders Republic
Age of Empires

Ghost of Tsushima DLC

Switch OLED (handheld)
Metroid Prime
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Doing last few playthroughs of The Quarry to finish off achievements. Some of the plot differences depending on choices are pretty amusing. Supermassive REEEALLLLY need to follow visual novel lead and let you fast forward through previously viewed segments though JESUS FUCK.


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Probably my favorite of the handheld KH games. I only played it on the PS4 (with the 2.5 re-release) but of all the handheld games, it controlled the best and had the most interesting unique game mechanics. The Flowmotion is fun and I really liked the "pokemon" aspect of it. I'm kind of tapped out of the story after KH3, but I do want to go back and do the DLC at some point. And maybe getting the platinum for KH1 and 2, those games are some of best childhood memories and all time favorites.
Yeah, I dig creating those little spirit dudes. I'm still in Traverse Town (training), and like I say, it's been about 10 years or so since I last played it. But I dig that they incorporated The World Ends With You characters and various gameplay aspects. I absolutely adored that game when it first released -- what a great use of the touchscreen and insane amount of gameplay, not least of all the food element. But Neku still sucks hairy ones. They're all kinda annoying, but I remember once I got deeper into the original game, it became clear (to me at least) that that seemed to be the whole point.

why so serious GIF

The KH series and other SE games associated with it always had that touch of Disney (both literally and figuratively). Something for both young and old. Older folks, if they give it a chance, will start to see allegories peeking back at you.


Nioh 2
Just arrived in the 'Dream' region. I'm not sure if this is the last region, but I'm getting close to the end of the main game. This will be my third time beating the game although I've never touched the DLC. Excited to give that a try.

Clock Tower
I really like the gameplay loop in this. A stress-free intermission segment followed by the actual scenario with scissorman.


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Hogwarts Legacy.
I've completed the main story and the Natty and Sebastian quests but it still looks like there's a lot to do.

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Finished Resident Evil remake with Chris. His campaign is actually quite weak compared to Jills. His relationship with Rebecca is not nearly as compelling as Jill and Barry, and the game gets bogged down with him having less inventory space than Jill. This drawback is actually really annoying and doesn't make any sense at all. I can understand if Chris and Jill have access to different weapons, tools or meeting different characters, but not being able to carry as much things? Does Chris army pants have less pockets than Jills? It makes Chris campaign tedious with an awful lot of runs to the storage room, which gets amplified by the disposal of Crimson Heads (because you need the fucking canteen) and the stupid broken door knob, forcing you to back track across the entire mansion because you couldn't pick up one of the death masks. Nah, Jill Valentine is the real MVP of Resident Evil. It's because of her character and great campaign this game is a bonafide classic.


Metroid prime remastered, kirby’s return to dreamland on switch. Hifi rush and mass effect 2 on pc. Gran turismo 7 on ps5. Id recommend metroid, hifi, and me2 no questions asked. As for Kirby and gran truismo, those games aren't for everyone, and you likely know by now if thats your thing
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I FINALLY finished Return to Monkey Island...the first game I've completed this calendar year...:messenger_grinning_smiling: and the ending was a bit of an anti-climax, considering the lengths you had to go to, to find out the Secret I thought there would be a final showdown with Le Chuck, but it did not happen....I get that the ending can be whatever you want it to be, but still...and this game also reminded me of the lack of a new Full Throttle installment :messenger_confused:.....I'll be firing up the PS4 Pro after a long while to go back and get further if not complete God of War 2018....and there is still the 2nd playthrough of Mass Effect 3 to do on there, after I completed the previous 2 for the 2nd time quite some time ago....


Finishing my NG+ Lunatic run of Ys IX: Monstrum Nox. Character of choice has been Yufa, as I enjoy characters with giant, fuck-off hammers/axes/maces with big AOEs and long stuns. Probably my second favorite in the franchise (behind Calilica in Celceta who was maximum 'fuck-off' and had some skills with fun, unique attributes).
Lunatic hasn't been as bad as I thought it might be. The very beginning of the game was rough when most of the cast was unavailable and allot of my buffs were locked, but I didn't feel the need to cheese any bosses until the second to last chapter boss (both he and his projectiles are so fast). I cheesed the endgame superboss too but it was surprisingly easy - I didn't even go in fully prepared with full stocks of rez and boost potions and I still won on my first try.

Not sure where I'd rank this game on the whole. The added movement options are fun (and I love collectathons in city enviros when I can really move) and the story's a nice reprieve from what the last couple titles have run with but it feels a little weaker overall. The soundtrack's weaker for one (although with a few spectacular highs) but I feel like something else about it that hasn't clicked with me as well. Not sure. Preliminary ranking is probably:

3 (Felghana) > 0 (Origin) > 6 > 2 (Chronicles) > 8 > 9 > 7 > 4 (Celceta) > 1 (Chronicles)

Edit: This catches me up with all the numbered Ys titles too, minus the pre-remakes and that one game that never made it to NA (Ys V).
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Several hours into Atomic Heart and I've really been enjoying it. Only complaint is the text is ridiculously small with no way to change it.


(no spoilers)

Finished God of War : Ragnarok The game's nothing short of an absolute masterpiece, that exceeded all my expectations, and did the impossible by surpassing its predecessor.

One word summary? Wow.


Nightmare of Decay
Fun little Resident Evil 'clone'. Mansion setting, doors are locked with symbols of spades, familiar puzzles, and zombies. Worth a buy and it's only £2.70 or something.


Finished Kena Bridge of Spirits, and man…that one just got better and better as it progressed. So glad I didn’t shelve it into the backlog, like I almost did.

Started Greedfall, and I’m not feeling it yet. I know the younger players call everything “janky” now, but this is really feeling janky, and not in a good way. Possibly the ugliest motherfuckers I’ve ever seen in a game too. Get some new character artists Spiders! Not sure if I can hang with this one, but I’ll try.

Also picked up Call of Duty 2 for under $5, so I’m pretty excited to relive my 360 launch days, with everything looking and playing so much better.
Finished Kena Bridge of Spirits, and man…that one just got better and better as it progressed. So glad I didn’t shelve it into the backlog, like I almost did.
I've been interested in this one for a while, but the "souls-like" tag on Steam scares me a bit; although a friend told me that tag was pretty far off. Would you say it's deserved or not?


I've been interested in this one for a while, but the "souls-like" tag on Steam scares me a bit; although a friend told me that tag was pretty far off. Would you say it's deserved or not?

It’s not Souls, although battles can be surprisingly challenging. You can parry with your shield (sort of like a force field) but there’s no stamina meters involved. I think it’s more like a 3D Zelda honestly, as you can also incorporate a bow, and bombs into the combat. Plus the little Rot that you collect can be used.

This one really grew on me. My initial feel was eh…but about half way through I was really enjoying myself.


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I'm back on call of duty. I was playing Cold War but I see that MW2 is having a f2p weekend so I'll hop on that next.


Tried Lost in Random then quickly dropped it.

Then I went on to try Gunk and quickly dropped that too.

Then I stumbled upon Somerville and was hooked. Completely forgetting that these were some of the same Devs of Limbo and Inside. It was a treat all the way to completion.

Just finished up Signalis. Good old school RE game with pixel art to boot.

Now I’m off to play Trek to Yomi. I think I can finish the this game before my $1 GamePass expires in 5 days.
finally have the energy to play games so it's back to Persona 3 Portable and Hogwarts. I know I've been playng them forever. Hogwarts since launch and P3P since Switch launch.

this weekend i played a couple hours of Hogwarts and a few hours of Persona 3. i feel so proud of myself. it's strange because in P3P i hated doing tartarus but something seems to have clicked and now i've been grinding through it. i got to the barrier but still have been going in to rescue people and do theo quests. i have a fuck load of money now :D the story also seems to be getting a lot more interesting now so that's helping!

with hogwarts i'm going to start focusing more on the main quest now. as great as the game is i know if i try do everything i'll be here forever. it's not that i think the game is bad but i just don't have the time/energy to 100% it. i'm so slow at playing and want to move onto other games. Zelda might not be coming out until May but I'm already worried I won't finish in time for that. 2 months is enough time i know but i'll probably end up not playing anything for a while again. it's the same old shit.
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I have been playing a lot of Final Fight. The second one on SNES (and the port of the first as a matter of fact) is absurdly bad. The arcade version of the first one is super fun with faster speed provided by Capcom Arcade Stadium. The third is ridiculously fun with dashing, specials, and supers. However, none of them hold up stylistically to Streets of Rage franchise. The music and aesthetics are just not up to par. The gameplay of the first and third entries are fortunately just as entertaining.
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Well I didn't plan on doing this much, but I'm going for Proud mode on Kingdom Hearts, which will also get me the platinum. Don't know how frustrating this is going to be as it will be my first time on Proud mode in Final Mix (I don't think the original Kingdom Hearts included Proud). I haven't left the island yet so it's still easy so far. Wish me luck.


The story in this game is ridiculous, and the whole thing is cringe and just childishly stupid. It's hard to believe grown adults came up with all this nonsense. Honestly, it feels like the writer's were just trying to cuck the player out by teasing them with convoluted story bits that only make sense if you are the writers themselves.

The idea that some players get off on the writer's toying with their expectations just makes me wince in embarrassment for those players. Paraphrasing here, but there are time when Ansem is saying things like "Do you get it yet?" and "You still don't understand" and "You understand so little". What a shitty method of storytelling. Just tell me the fucking story you cunt. Christ almighty, you have to be some kind of beta-male asshole to feel good about toying with people's understanding of your narrative. And because of that, the narrative is garbage! It doesn't make any sense, and they did that on purpose to trick anime waifu loving basement nerds into thinking Kingdom Hearts is some kind of master piece because it's so deep and layered. It's not deep and layered, it's nonsensical.

Who likes this kind of shit? It feels very much the same as what they are doing with FF7 Remake, where the writers are chortling as players scratch their heads in confusion as to wtf is going on. It's like they are getting off on some weird kind of manipulation, and it's reinforced by the fact that you have pussy ass anime weebs that love being cucked out by it. It's so dumb.

Rant over. Lol sorry. I'm sure it's been said before, but it honestly can't be said enough.

Great gameplay though :messenger_tears_of_joy:
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Naked Lunch

Monster Hunter Rise [Series X]
This game is 100% wholesome gaming comfort food with an atmosphere and colorful style that stands right next to the Dragon Quest series - but with the gameplay depth and freedom that is signature to Capcom. I can see myself revisiting this game for years and years - timeless. It was already on sale for $20 - so I snagged it up.

Tactics Ogre [Sega Saturn]
The 2023 english translation finally dropped - and this is now the definitive way to play this masterpiece. One of gaming's best.
With Japanese voice overs and the english script of the PSP version, super sharp pixels and no smudge filter - skip the new gen HD remake with its gameplay level cap alteration crap - and play the real deal.
Im playing on real Saturn hardware with the Fenrir DUO installed and upscaled with the RetroTINK 5x.

Tetris Effect [Series X]
Finally got around to buying this - not sure how I missed out this was made by Tetsuya Mizuguchi. Rez and Child of Eden are like yearly religious ritual playthru for me. Playing at loud volumes with surround sound just quite the experience. I wish the Rez team made more games but with more experimental electronic music.

Halo Infinite multiplayer [Series X]
The new update dropped and lots of new blood online to massacre. Im back to posting 30 kill games and overkills consistantly. Im convinced that Big Team Battle on Infinite is complete nonsensical garbage - but 4v4 arena is where this game was truly designed to be played. My go to competitive online FPS next to the MCC.
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Just finished Tlou2 on PS5. Visuals, sound, gameplay top notch.

Story, long drawn out mess of flashbacks and switches. Don't know who to take sides with at the end. Ridiculous ending.

Brilliant "game". Shit story.
Although I got it day one, I finally started playing Kakarot. Very enjoyable so far, the Japanese TV ad didn't lie: this game is a massive nostalgia bomb.


Deliver us the Moon
PSplus version.
Started and finished in few hours, but it is one of the...best indie/AA title I've ever played. Great, just great.
I must platinum it.
Besides, decided buy physical edition on PS5.
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VR central here:

Moss - I think I’m nearing the end now. It’s such a charming game, with a few tricky puzzles thrown in. I’ll jump straight into Moss 2 once I’m done.
Zombieland - I’ve opened up the expert levels now and it’s seriously challenging - fun game though, in small doses.
Synth Riders - Almost a daily obsession - absolutely love this game.
Pistol Whip - Just opened the Wild West levels - awesome game, with tons of content.
GT7 - Incredible in VR. I can’t go back to flat screen racing after this, no way.


Neighbours from Hell
Crisis Core Reunion. Im really not enjoying it very much honestly, but I’m sticking with it because I adore FF7 and just want to finish this side story.


What time is it?
I'm early on in the Dead Space Remake (just beat the regenerator). It's a nice visual upgrade but I don't think Dead Space has aged all that well.

I've also spent a bunch of time with the Diablo IV beta and I'm pretty disappointed. There is a lot to like but the moment to moment gameplay is dull as dishwater.


Resident Evil 6, finished Leons and Chris story, on Jakes now 😁

And finally bought all dlc for tekken 7 and sfv, so lots of fighting to.


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I finally bought cod mw2 since it’s on sale and then hit prestige 1 over the weekend since the double xp event is going on.
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