What game are you currently playing?

Apr 26, 2018
Playing Strider (2014) at the moment. Or rather was. The constant running, jumping, slashing and backtracking was getting a bit too repetetive. I've reached a point where I can warp between areas via the panther from the original game so that may cut down on the aforementioned backtracking.

If I return to it that is.


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Oct 23, 2018
I am playing Hearthstone, Berserk and just installed old school Tekken 3 on my computer. Gosh I missed this game, such sentiments for characters and graphics. Reminds me of my childhood :)
Sep 4, 2018
Just finished rise of the tom raider - amazing.

Disturbingly huge backlog: I guess I'll finally play the last of us now.
Wow, how I wish to had that game on blacklog to play it again :messenger_grinning_sweat:

Finished Yakuza Kiwami yesterday, and started playing Yakuza 0. Can't believe it took me this long to start playing this series.

EDIT: Also, Radiant Historia on 3DS, great game.
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Jan 9, 2015
I finished New Vegas. There was a lot I didn't do, but I'm pretty content with the way it ended. Not sure what in my backlog I am going to tackle now. I might try Witcher 3. I should probably play more Octopath but I just really haven't been in the mood.
Jun 25, 2018
I'm mostly playing fan made custom levels in Tomb Raider ... these days also known as TRLE's

But i just finished Yakuza 0 and i am currently on a big stretch in Dragon Quest XI.

as for TRLE's - i just finished Lara in Arabia by AgentXP and i am currently gearing up to start Jurassic Jungle as well as Gateway to Atlantis.
i love that all these raids are completely free and its such a joy to see such creative passion from fans... i got a lot of these still to play.
Ohh yeah also just finished chapter 2 in Trails in the sky SC.
as well as i am making slight progress in Overload because i choose to play on Hotshot these later levels are kicking my rectangles left and right.
but i wouldn't have it any other way after waiting over 20 years for a update to Descent ][
Feb 20, 2018
Playing NioH and it's kicking my ass. It took like 40 tries before I put down that damn Oda's wife :D
Is that close to the beginning? Nioh was really tough early on for me, then eventually got almost too easy. Still a fantastic game, with some of the most fun to play combat ever.
Apr 26, 2006
"Playing", more like login and pick out the daily reward...

1. Secret World Legends (PC)
2. Black Desert Online: Remastered (PC)
3. Elder Scrolls Online (PS4)

Actually playing...

1. Skyrim SE, modded (PC)
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Dec 6, 2013
Just finished Pyre yesterday.
It was pretty fun but I think ultimately let down by its budget. Loved the first half of the game but then you reach a point where it's sort of made clear you have already seen most of what the game has to offer and will be spending the rest of your time with it going over the same content again and again and again. Even the story which starts really interesting feels like its stretched thin, by the end I was often skipping entire dialogs which I almost never do.

The core gameplay is fun and I really like the music and art direction but I think it would have been more enjoyable as this 5-6 hours long thing instead of 10-12
Aug 2, 2015
Is that close to the beginning? Nioh was really tough early on for me, then eventually got almost too easy. Still a fantastic game, with some of the most fun to play combat ever.
I think about halfway through? I kind of screwed myself by completely ignoring all the magical stuff and solely relying on sword and spear :D Now I'm grinding to get decent talismans :D
Sep 28, 2018
I just cancelled my wow sub as i'm geared up to the point of being able to do mythic dungeons, but it takes a lot of time to form a group. I don't have time to sit there waiting over 20 minutes to fill a group to run dungeons.

I'm also playing black ops 4 (mostly blackout) but i'm probably going to add a single player game in to my rotation to compliment blackout. I'm deciding between Hitman, Prey, and Dark Souls 3.
Aug 2, 2013
I've kick-started my Xbox-1 after a long hiatus, mainly because I was bogged down with ME: Andromeda on the PS4.....so now I am re-visiting the classics on there: Republic Commando, which is what I am on at the moment, then Sonic Generations, with a sprinkling of Burnout Revenge, and then throw in some Jade Empire...along with some Panzer Dragoon Orta...
Sep 17, 2012
Tried Illusion's Playhome. I find it much better and less tedious than HS and straight to the point. Loads (data) faster too and accepts cards from HS.

If I want to shatter the hopes of any TLOU players, there is a particular scene where replacing the models with those of Joel, Ellie and Riley would make that scene forever engraved.

Rape and incest in video games finally. Raped family btw turns out even more messed up than the rapist. Video game social critics live in another dimension


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Mar 9, 2018

I wasn't planning on getting any new games, especially Red Dead, but my buddy who I gameshare with bought it, and I haven't been able to put it down since.


Feb 20, 2018
I think about halfway through? I kind of screwed myself by completely ignoring all the magical stuff and solely relying on sword and spear :D Now I'm grinding to get decent talismans :D
It's been a while, but there is a spell that slows enemies down by half. That makes things much easier (assuming it hasn't been nerfed since I played at launch).
Aug 7, 2018
Luigi Mansion
Layton's Mystery Journey DX
Jake Hunter Detective Story : Prism of Eyes
Super Mario Party
Varnir of the Dragon Star: Ecdysis of the Dragon
Jun 20, 2018
Dragon Quest 11 with harder monsters (feels like DQ8 lol) just got the ship, the game is phenomenal never noticed how much i missed traditional jrpgs, having the budget and visuals of a aaa game doesn't hurt either lol
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Jun 18, 2018
1 player: GTA V, Dishonored 2, RE VII free dlc, Ori & The Blind forest definitive edition.... Not focusing on 1 game just jumping between them.
Multi: Rocket League, Overwatch, Diablo III

As you can see, im a budget pc gamer. My pc costed a lot tho ;P
Aug 19, 2013
Jak and Daxter Collection on (I know the worst version bla bla Vita), beaten the first one (some very unforgiving sections damn) and currently Jak II which graphically improved way lots but still, games before were so fkn hard (in the bad way[from a casual standpoint], meaning you have to really master the controls and mechanics, not allowing many errors etc. "real" games before the casual times came).
I really loved the first one, its pure platforming action. But the second wtf there are lots of racing and shooting and platforming was relegated. But Im having fun, and thats the important part.


Dec 6, 2013
The las Story (Wii...on Dolphin):

I've wanted to play this for a long time since it was the last "big budget" Mistwalker game. So far it's Okish but not particularly good. The story is very generic (so far) with bad voice acting and the slightly weird style of a lot of older JRPG cutscenes (with some awkward pauses in between dialogs and stuff like that) and the combat system feels very uneven. On the one side it has a lot of interesting mechanics that seem to encourage the player to be tactical but at the same time it's so easy and forgiving that 95% of battles can be won by just blindly running up to enemies and attacking them.

It's not bad or anything and I'm still fairly early in the game (like 4 hours in). But I sure hope the story gets more interesting and that they start making it more challenging.
Jun 9, 2012
Destiny 2. It’s free!

Worth playing? Yeah I think so, it’s fun so far.

First impression: the dialog is REALLY CORNY. Reminds me of the bug shooting game from Wreck It Ralph. Also you’re the best and most specialest dude in the galaxy and everyone is constantly heaping praises on you for the easiest achievements.

Gameplay is fun though. Halo-like shooter w/MMO “shared world” missions and character advancement. Give it a shot if you’re curious.
Mar 4, 2011
So I started New Game Plus on Persona 5.

Lord Almigthy, I have to stop playing games for a while because this one is a real doozie. As far as JRPGs go, this is one like, up there. Like super duper up there! The dungeons are seem like a drag on NG+ but maxed out characters and end game items make 'em almost a breeze to plow through. The real heart is building all those social links. Already maxed out Strenght, Lovers, Chariot, Priestess, Death and almost done with Hanged. I want Temperance, dammit! And I'm so close!
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Sep 6, 2018
Taking a break from Divinity 2 and playing Dragon Quest XI. So far I'm enjoying it but it's pretty easy. Missed being able to increase difficulty at the beginning and did not realize that you could not turn it up once you started. Wish they would put out a patch that allows you too. Dont really feel like restarting.