What game are you currently playing?


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Oct 10, 2012
Presently play System Crash a Cyberpunk Card Game on Steam.

It's an indie effort in unity. Took a little while to get used to the systems but it's fairly enjoyable, if prone to the occasional graphics bug (screen not showing) although those haven't hindered my progress so far. Not sure I'd recommend it at full price, but good as a sales pick up. It's a pity that the standard of the Card and Avatar Artwork doesn't match up the quality of the backgrounds though. Worth a shot if you're hankering from some simple Cyberpunk.
Feb 2, 2009
Resident Evil Revelations 1 on PS4. Best bargain buy I've had in ages, Raid mode has been my obsession over the holidays. Can't believe I'd slept on this for so long, the metroidvania-style structure and the basic diablo-style loot system combine really well with the game's really simple but slick controls and mechanics.

Good times.
Jun 1, 2018
Did another side quest that was a collaboration with A Realm Reborn. Jesus, Square Enix has snuck in some great content in the past few weeks. This one gave me a new quest, cool looking armor which makes me feel like Zidane from FF IX, powerful weapons, an awesome boss fight and
a brand new summon

I´m happy I started playing this again. So much cool stuff I´ve encountered today.
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Jan 26, 2018
South Africa
Finally finished Valkyria Revolution and I am glad I am finished with it. Decent story but overall a horrible game. But now I need to decide what to start next. Can't freaking decide

1. Moonligter
2. Xenoblade Chronicles 2
3. Hitman 2 (2018)
4. Divinity : Original Sin 2
5. RDR2
6. Burnout Paradise Remastered

There are a few other games i want to play but can't decide. 1st world problems.
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Mar 1, 2017
I wish there were good single player games on the pc. I feel like pc gaming is fucking dead.

Last good games I played were shadow warrior 2 and TEW2.. Finishing nioh now but it's become a chore honestly, overall very good game however.

Any recs based on these games? I'm only interested in high quality gameplay. Fuck story oriented games unless you're MGS. Maybe by the time I'm 90 years old they will figure out good writing in games

Also playing the new kingdom rush on Android.. Boy did this series drop off in terms of quality. Shitty game with lots of towers and heroes to buy..
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Jun 16, 2018
Megaman 11 on the Switch.

Never thought the day would come I'd describe a Megaman game as being adorable :D
adorable indeed, but some of those levels are adorably annoying and basically asking you to power through with ingame currency store upgrades.
LTTP Bloodborne: I bought it when it came out, and couldnt grasp the main mechanic (coming from souls couldnt detach myself from the use of a shield and defensive position) so I left it at central Yharnam before Gascoigne. Now I gave it another opportunity, with very high expectations due to all the praise people give it. Im a little disappointed and I think its overpraised. Finding many glitches and level building errors. Color scheme I find it dull. With very subtle variations. Although gameplay wise is very solid as ever. And level design is superb. Difficulty I find it very hard (dont start with the "git gud" bullshit) bosses have way too much health imo. Right now Im at Rom the spider and I hope it ends soon.
Dont get me wrong the game is very good and Im enjoying it, its just not as good as I expected.

Xenogears: similar impression as above, I became a fan of Xeno series from Chronicles, and wanted to see how it all started. Initial hours were amazing, I love the pixelated 3D graphics (I would like to have more games in that style) with that level of detail. But then I came upon its faults, too silly dialogue feels like written by a teenager, music is very good but after a while feels very repetitive. But the worst of all old rpg's sins having to repeat the damn cinematics before a boss every time you try again and not being able to skip or speed up dialogue hinters the overall enjoyable experience.
So again I came with very high expectations and now Im at 50/50 (but at least here I understand its flaws due to the time it was released)
The damn tower of babel jumps still give me nightmares, never managed to find a no random encounter hack but billy is broken if you feed him right.
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Aug 9, 2014
Darksiders III.

I just killed the fifth of the seven deadly sins. Enjoying the game a lot but there are some technical issues but not to where the game is bad. At worse, just annoying. THQ Nordic should have delayed the game at least six months because from the visuals and art style to the gameplay and combat to the story and characters, im enjoying pretty much everything. Barring some unforeseen major problem, it's looking like an 8 or 8.5 for me. Very few complaints with the game thus far.
Aug 15, 2016
Diablo 3 eternal on the switch.

The game still awesome. Had it on the PC without the expansion but it is so much fun to play this on the game.

Ys 8 on the switch.

Own origin 1 and 2 on PC for steam and the rest of Ys collection on the Vita. Really enjoyed the series. Bought it for the switch and finding it still awesome to play.

Great 2 games to play on the go. When you don't have much opportunity to be in front of the PC or TV.
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Nov 25, 2018
Nine Parchments, PC, couch co-op / local co-op
I would recommend it if you are looking for a couch co-op game to play with another person with some RPG style leveling up. It has simplier controls than Magika, which is a similar game.

Small World 2, mobile, pass-and-play
I would recommend it because when you drag your tiles over the area it shows red or green or yellow with a die to show whether or not you can capture a space, or if you need to get a certain die roll to capture it. It makes this board game more casual and easy to play because it does the math for you.
Mar 18, 2013
Omaha, NE - USA
The version I play is older.
Remake is the way to go.

I started Celeste because I used some points and got a month of gold. Takes me back to Super Meat Boy (which I also got for free on Epic's platform). I finished the
and it's not bad.

I went and took off the tail of the Hellkite Dragon in NG+ of Dark Souls Remastered. Took 30-40 arrows to do the trick.
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Sep 4, 2018
Bayonetta (Switch) - just witnessed 2X Bayo pose dance off. dang this game rules

X-Wing: Special Edition (Steam) - my first ever Steam return. this game is unplayable! used to play this with a mouse + keyboard back in the day. what the hell happened and why are they even selling this game?


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Dec 23, 2016
Work has been slow since Christmas, and I've found myself with a solid two hours to game every night.

My routine has looked a little like this:

#1) Astro Bot - Game is so much fun that I'm rationing out one level a night. Finding all 8 robots, staring down that bashful chameleon, grabbing a few capsules from the claw machine in the spaceship, and then saving the next level for the next day.

#2) Beat Saber - Playing 30 minutes a night, along with a morning run, to knock off those 8 pounds that magically appeared during the holidays.

#3) Tetris Effect - IN LOVE with this game, VR only. Play a couple of levels to cool down after Beat Saber.

#4) Smash Bros - Take two characters through classic mode each night.

I've also been making my way through Red Dead 2 since November.

Just made that epic ride back with that song playing after returning from *that place*, and I thought I was almost done.

Checked my progress and I've got 40 story missions to go.

Game just never ends, does it?


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Jan 30, 2018
I bought Astro Bot today, but I am currently working through DQXI, HITMAN, and KH Dream Drop Distance. Been hearing a lot of good things about the first two and I haven't played DDD since it released on 3DS. Want to get a good refresher before KH3 later this month!
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May 14, 2018
Just jumped again into Dragon Quest VII on 3DS. Have about 67 hours played so far. It's a great game.
Then i planning to start Knights of the old Republic II on PC. Bought it on Steam Sale this December.
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Jun 1, 2018
Met my first superboss in Final Fantasy XV. I was fighting the Midgardsorm on my way to the Glacier Grotto. The snake was pretty easy now at level 82, killed it swiftly with my bad ass Royal Arms and when I turned to bask in the sweet victory that followed, a fucking Magitek Engine dropped down on my head. It was the MAX-Angelus, roaring at level 99 and I can safely say I got my ass handed to me. Never seen that boss before. Next time I will get it for sure, I was just not prepared for that sort of ass kicking.

End game in FF XV is so good. Doing hunts, driving around off road with the Big Foot, camping with the boys and kicking Magitek Soldiers all day long is so much fun. I love this world, it´s incredible in its design and every location, every mountain, forest or dungeon tells a story. It´s magnificent to behold. The monster design is also great and taking down big beast such as the Behemoth or the Zu fills my body with so much adrenaline. The detail that the devs poured into these creatures is insane.

And the combat is excellent. This is one the major reasons why I can´t seem to get tired of this game. Warping around with Noctis makes me feel so cool and the Royal Arms is stylish and fun to use. Star of the Rogue, Scepter of the Pious and Blade of the Mystic is my go to weapon along with Ragnarok for that sweet warp strike bonus. Hits like a truck. The variation is already superb when it comes to Noctis playstyle so the possiblity of swapping characters, each that also comes with a different playstyle, just makes the combat endlessly enjoyable.

And to top that off, I tried out Armiger Unleashed and that was absolutely ridiculously cool. Fueled with the Power of the Kings, Noctis transforms into a god, wielding every Royal Arms with devastating special attacks. I get the goose bumps every time I try use it now.

This game has gotten such good content post launch, it has changed the entire nature of it. I just wished it could have been like this at release when I first played it, would have been a much greater experience then. But nevermind, I´m glad Square Enix didn´t abandon it and supported it to the end. Would have loved those cancelled DLCs too. I want more content, lol.
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Apr 26, 2018
The Takeover. Batshit insane scrolling beat 'em up. Pays homage most closely to Streets Of Rage 1 & 2 with elements of Final Fight and Die Hard Arcade thrown into the mix too (not to mention Afterburner!!!) . Looks great, sounds good, could do with a slightly more extensive special moves list, more varied enemies and better, beefier bosses. The controls are a bit fiddly but its still in development. Might be ironed out come the eventual finished game plus input from the players will help too.

Early access on Steam, costs something like €18 at the moment. Well worth a punt.

Feb 28, 2018
I've played all of Kona that I can stand. It's an interesting game at times, but the mystery you are investigating does not really have any mystery at all unless you think magic is a good answer. I watched the ending on YouTube after about five hours, and I'm very happy I didn't play any further.
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Oct 17, 2016
My backlog is humongous right now, but after finishing Red Dead Redemption 2, I decided it was time to plow through the Saturn's library, as I have dug out my model 2 from storage:

Currently playing Shining Force 3, superb game. Next one will be Panzer Dragoon Saga.


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Nov 15, 2007
Juggling between a few at the moment:

- Shenmue 1
- Wasteland 2, just started this one yesterday. I’m surprised how well it translated to consoles

Also copped a PS4 that should be arriving tomorrow so that’ll be fun. Been Xbot/PC the entire gen so I got a ton to catch up on there, mainly a shit ton of Sony exclusives. I’m gonna feel like a kid at the candy store.
Jun 17, 2004
I'm playing Ys 8 on Vita. I've been playing it off and on since it's launch - but never got a traction on it. Just went to a vacation to Tokyo with my daughter - and needed something to kill time off on 14 hour flight from JFK, and having a blast on it. I'm back from vaca and resting a couple more days before going back to work to cope with the Jetlag - and it's helping me to keep awake in the most of the times (except when it goes back to Dana part) :(

I have to be honest that I played BOTW beforehand - so maybe it's why I wasn't too keen on the whole thing - PS2-esque gfx and all - and all that extremely small font on Vita was killing my eyes. I guess the BOTW magic has worn off - so I'm enjoying the rockin' soundtrack and the battles against big dinos! LOL - feels bad when I attack a herbivore dinos though.. :(
May 9, 2018
Playing Star Ocean: ‘TIL the end of time on the PS4 Pro, my first game I purchased digitally on that console, I played it back in the day on the PS2, but I’ve been meaning to return to the game, plus I still want to play the other two Star Oceans(even if 5 revived badly)

I love the series too much.
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Oct 27, 2017
your mind
Soma on PC. The fine folks at GOG gave it away for free. I never finished Amnesia and hate myself for it, so I am going to give this a good shot. I’m about to sit in the chair...
Aug 20, 2008
Smash. Still chipping away at clearing classic mode with everyone.

Into the Breach. Played a bunch yesterday. Not sure if I’ll ever finish or, but I do enjoy it.

Iconoclasts, just fired it up from PS+. Seems ok, but early on so not sure if I like it enough to see it through yet.

Still doing a run in Dead Cells and Slay the Spire here and there and some Beat Saber and Tetris Effect occasionally.