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What games do you wish you enjoyed? But sadly don't

fart town usa

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Persona games. Have never been able to get into them.

Mario Odyssey, just doesn't gel with me, I think I prefer the type of Mario where you just have to make it to the end and collect 3 gold coins.

Any kind of old school WRPG, Baldur's Gate, etc. I've aways wanted to enjoy these games but I honestly have no clue how to play them.


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In the minority here i'm sure, but Returnal.

Love everything about it except that fact that biomes don't have permanently unlockable shortcuts. The Souls games are hard as fuck and ive finished them all, but even they have shortcuts you can open that make getting back to the boss battles easy. Not Returnal.....portal pads are only good for the run you're on and go away once you die, and the randomization of the levels makes it a big pain in the ass to make a quick run back to a boss battle after death a huge chore.


Flower, Sun and Rain

Got it for my wife when it released on DS years ago, and she loved it. But then, she loves that type of game. Ate up all of the Phoenix Wright games, Professor Layton, etc. I love all three of those series, but I just don't have the patience to really get through an entire game of 'em. And with Flower, Sun and Rain, I couldn't even get out of the fucking parking lot at the very fucking start of the game. :messenger_grinning_smiling:

As my wife likes to say, I'm a "Mo Ron."


Most of Sony’s first party: Horizon, Uncharted, Spider-Man, (New) God of War, Ratchet…

Find them all super derivative but with sky-high production values. Even the 1st TLOU was just passable. The 2nd one was amazing though. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Loved Ghost of Tsushima but only with the Director’s Cut. The Iki expansion made me understand the character much better and the island is gorgeous. It’s a no-nonsense game with lovely art direction and ambiance.
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Souls games. They look cool, but I hate the dying and the repetitiveness that adds to the games.
Red Dead Redemption. I just could not get into the game after 2 serious attempts. It was highly praised and the sequel was too, but I can't get into it.
Any game that is way too fucking long that I find out by playing. It puts me in a shitty position where I feel like I should finish because I had some fun in the beginning, but I also feel like they are bloated just to be selling points for gamers with no fucking taste. Ubisoft games and many JRPGs fit in this category.


Plays with kids toys, in the adult gaming world
I love the world, characters, plot, timeline and general idea but
Resident Evil (the whole series other than 6) the controls are basically "why would you do that?" the game
the most anti-fun thing I've ever played and code veronica made me want to fight somebody I hated the controls so much

The Souls series
Quantic Dream games
God of War series
Gears of War
The Last of Us
Zelda series
3D Mario after 64

95% of video games made after 2012 really
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Not a game but a genre: straight Dungeon Crawlers. About the only ones I can get into are the ones with puzzles (like Grimrock) or cool fleshed out battle mechanics (like Etrian). Other than that, if it's just grinding on enemies and then grinding some more. . .I just haven't been able to get into them.


I've always been very drawn to games like Balders Gate and Divinity Original Sin but I honestly just get lost of where I'm going what I'm doing and end up in some battle I get my ass whooped in and really struggle getting into these types of games.. I love everything about them except how little I understand about how to play them.


Souls games. I got into Bloodborne a bit and enjoyed it until I got stuck in one part and gave up in frustration. Tried others and they never clicked. It’s a shame cos the worlds are really interesting. I know I’ll cop shit but I wish it had difficulty settings.
Paper Mario series: it felt like baby’s first JRPG and a huge disappointment after Super Mario RPG.

Spore: I spent hours and hours with the creature creator (which released for free before the full game). It is so amazingly powerful and flexible. Then the final game released and it turns out the actual gameplay is boring as hell.

Blue Dragon: fuck yeah, all new next gen game by MISTWALKER. Last time Sakaguchi and Toriyama collaborated we got Chrono Trigger. This time we got… a boring by-the-numbers JRPG with the worst gameplay mechanic of all time (searching for “nothings” by running up and down every wall mashing the A button like a dumbass)


Deathloop. The controller aiming on PS5 (deadzone/accelleration/curves/input delay) is absolutely the worst I've felt in 25 years of gaming. I so badly want to enjoy this game, but aiming is so infuriatingly bad I just can't do it.
Dragon Quest 1 - You only control one hero? Wtf

Dragon Quest 2 - Super hard.

Dragon Quest 3 - Main character looks like Goku and the rest if the party are personality less

Dragon Quest 4. Why does it ask me my name if I'm going to ay as some old man

Dragon Quest 5. If I wanted to play Baby's adventure with Daddy, I'd call my old man.

Dragon Quest 6. It's okay, but it's no FFVI.

Dragon Quest VII. Couldn't get past the fact the main character looks like a hobbit.

Dragon Quest VIII. Why God oh why isn't alchemy pit instant.

Dragon Quest IX. I can't believe they downgraded this game into a ds game.

Dragon Quest X. It's insulting that they made an MMO as a main series game.

Dragon Quest XI. Main character looks like Trunks
Majora's Mask (time limit)
Dead Rising (time limit)
Knights in the Nightmare (difficulty, visual style gets in the way of the gameplay)
All Soulsborne games (Difficulty)
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Mister Wolf

I can't get into the Press Turn system of Shin Megami/Persona games or the Brave/Default system of Octopath/Bravely games. I real shame since I love jrpgs.
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Final Fantasy Saga
Zelda Saga
Persona Saga
Secret of Mana
Ni No Kuni
Gravity Rush 2
SoulsBorne Saga
Fallout 4
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Why would I wish I enjoyed a game I don't?

I don't buy many games anymore since I am a mmo/online fps player, but the games I usually finds interesting are games that I know I will like.

Like instead of being a sheep my last cod was mw19 and I just skipped the series after that because it was simply not possible for them to make a better cod, plus I was pissed at Activision over abandoning it.

Maybe I'm just more of a pessimist and that's why I just buy crypto instead of shitty computer games.


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I usually don’t really regret not liking a game. If it doesn’t click, it doesn’t click. Too much else to play to give it a second thought.

That said, I somehow regret not enjoying my time with Doom Eternal. I feel there’s a great game there, but it’s not for me.


I agree with Nier. Probably the most boring dull game I’ve actually completed. Well the first ending at least. I kept hoping it was gonna get better and better but no. I’m still confused as to what people like about it. It was a 6/10 for me

FF7 remake. Just boring for me. I dropped it but plan on giving it another shot
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The Street Fighter games. I just don't have the patience to learn the nuances of them, the offensives moves, counters, combos, specials, etc. They look spectacular when you see somebody really good playing them but alas that won't be me.


Wasn't really thinking about it, but as OP mentioned, probably Nier Automata. Complete waste of time. I'm not gonna play a game 93 times.

Back when I did play it at some point not too long after the second playthrough there was, as I remember a strangely large difficulty spike, I died, then couldn't recover my augments or components or whatever they were called. No way to recover and that was it. I wasn't going to grind again. Fuck that.
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Zelda: BotW. On paper it should be amazing but I'd rather watch paint dry than play it again. The dungeons and moment to moment gameplay just didn't click for me at all.

Doom eternal - adored the original reboot game - but could not get into this at all. I think I was just burnt out on shooters at the time and the story in general was just too milquetoast to give any shits about .. It felt very repetitive right from the off.


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Horizon: Zero Dawn or almost any open-world game honestly nowadays. Outside of Wiezdmin 3


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Botw theoretically (aka before playing it) had all the things i love about games but i didn't liked that much, still a good game with gigantic potential for the sequels.

Latest 2 gow, i love tps but the saga is stale as fuck and the animations didn't changed that much from the first game in the saga and this disturb me immensely, also the new protagonists are shit, not that the previous were incredible but they were decent enough.

Halo reach, it has probably the biggest sandbox areas in the saga except for infinite, a thing that i love, but i didn't cared for it at all, maybe story and protagonists weren't interesting enough but i never really played halo for that, it is kinda of a mistery...

hollow knight, i love metroidvanias and artstyle\music are great, but i didn't liked the mono-weapon simple combat, the map and some other things.

ff7 remake, the vanilla game is my 2nd favourite game of all time and modern square managed to make me hate to death this disgusting milking operation third level fanfiction piece of stinking horse shit.
Part of the graphic, art style, animations and music were nice tho.
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The Last of Us - I keep trying to love it, but I just don’t. I want to know what happens because of the story, but the gameplay is shit.

I second the Control pick from earlier - I spent most of my play time wandering around lost. Not fun.


RPGS and Souls-Games

I've spent dozens of hours with Dark Souls and Bloodborne, I'm just not good. :\
Endless respawning enemies + difficult + no direction kill me.


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Witcher 3
Gran Turismo/Forza Motorsport (driving sims in general, give me arcade racers)
Uncharted 4
Gears of War
Anything that seems like a great idea for a game but requires crafting


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We all have games that we purchase and obviously we want to enjoy these games, but sadly we just can't get into them.

Or maybe you see a game getting non stop praise online and you like the look of it, and you go out and buy it and sadly it just isn't for you.

Or all your online gaming friends are really into an online multiplayer game, but you honestly don't enjoy it, it sucks that you are not enjoying it as much as your buddies.

I really want to like Hellblade, it's a nice looking game with great audio, but I find the combat really dull and I absolutely hate the puzzle design (matching symbols with the environment stuff), I played till just after the first boss and stopped for years and recently forced myself to finish it (I absolutely loved DmC and Enslaved by ninja theory too)
& after seeing the hellblade 2 trailer, it just makes me wish I liked hellblade, as it looks incredible. 😦

Gravity Rush on psvita it just looked incredible, loved the art style and visuals, but I really disliked the floating around and gyro controls, I dropped this one pretty quickly and moved onto YS on the vita.

Blue Dragon I absolutely adored lost odyssey by mistwalker, I went out and purchased this straight after, but I couldn't get into it at all, combat felt so long and I think I dropped it after a few hours(what's odd as I love turn base jrpgs usually) , even the great Phil Spencer told me during a game of vermintide 2 that he preferred blue dragon over lost odyssey :eek: (maybe I'll give this another try sometimes, as it's backwards compatible)

Guardians of the Galaxy, I love the films, I really like the characters, story, voice acting, but the gameplay bores me to death, despite the initial very positive feeling towards the game, the combat is not good, it's very easy/boring.
I feel like I'm forcing myself through the last couple chapters now, to see how it end, really disappointed by this one. Update: just finished this game now, I was a little harsh, it's a solid 7/10 game, but it does drag at times.

Nier Automata, is sadly one off the dullest games, I have ever played, very simple boring combat, invisible walls everywhere, very dull grey looking 360 era environments, absolute nonsense story, that is nowhere near as deep as people will have you believe, I'm more annoyed I played through this rubbish 3 times to get the true ending/1000gs, as my buddy kept saying it gets better, you got to do all three playthroughs to understand, the OST is excellent though, but I am annoyed I grabbed this for £35 when it intially landed on Xbox due to all the hype and praise I saw around the game.

Feel free to post your games below you wish you liked :)
Play Gravity rush in ps4. Easy is one of the Best games ever created.


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Did you try Ghost of Tsushima? It’s a bit of palate cleanser for open worlds. Game is so zen and beautiful… Nothing actually feels like work in it.
Oh yeah that was a great game, I guess good game != open world in my stupid head. I guess not every open world, just most of them : )


Oh yeah that was a great game, I guess good game != open world in my stupid head. I guess not every open world, just most of them : )
I’m with you. I run away from semi/open-world like the plague but that’s a good game that I’m close to getting the platinum. 90% now. :D
I felt the same about Hellblade OP. Not a good game for me despite the presentation.

Rule of Rose is another. I love horror gaming, and I had high hopes even though I knew there were detractors. In the end, it just wasn't really scary or enjoyable from a mechanical perspective. Definitely disappointing

Alpha Protocol was another. Just a clunky mess imho, even though the setting/narrative were compelling.

Can also include *all* David Cage/Quantic Dream games I've played. (Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls) The presentation always sucked me in, but the games were incoherent rubbish for me. I gave up after Beyond Two Souls. Never again - learned my lesson.

There are others of course, but those came to mind.
In general multiplayer games. I can play them for a few hours but after that I just lose interest. Not the same thing with my single player games as I enjoy them a lot more. If I did enjoy multiplayer games more it would allow me to share my hobby with other people better.
A lot of newer games just don’t do it for me I’m finding. I was playing Control. It has a cool premise, the gunplay is the best in any Remedy game, and I was starting to really get into it, but I just stopped playing it the other day and haven’t gone back to it.

I started playing Dead or Alive 4 after dropping Control, since it was made backwards compatible, and I spent the whole week unlocking everything in the game. Despite being a grueling process, it was really refreshing and gratifying to actually be able to play a game, unlock everything, and not have to worry about DLC or anything. And I did it because I was already having a blast with the game and was playing it a lot anyways.

When I think about going back to Control it’s like, yeah I’ll have some fun but I’ll feel compelled to finish all the DLCs even if I end up feeling like I’m “done” with the game after finishing the main game. It’s like I get burnt out before even starting the game. Games have all these DLC road maps and shit nowadays to compensate for not being complete experiences and I just want a complete game.

Being in a Team Ninja mood I also started replaying Ninja Gaiden 2 (360 version on Series X). It’s a full, complete game that’s fun enough to warrant multiple play throughs. The only DLC is (relatively, for today’s standards) cheap Challenge missions and Costumes. Stuff for hardcore fans of the game, but not essential.

Games like these I can only seem to get in the form of long running franchises or indie games nowadays. The last newer games I replayed multiple times that didn’t need DLC were Metroid Dread, RE8, DOOM Eternal, and DMC5, and even those aren’t completely exempt from newer practices.

Maybe I’m just yelling at clouds and this all just nostalgia clouding my judgement, but more and more games seem to be designed around profit more than fun and I think it shows in a lot of new games. And the games where fun is the priority, it also shows. For instance, just hearing Itsuno say “DMC is back!” at DMC5’s reveal sold me on it instantly, not because it was just an old franchise I loved getting a sequel, but because he showed actual enthusiasm for making a game. You can tell Hugo Martin has enthusiasm for DOOM. You can tell Kojima has enthusiasm for his projects, even if his stuff isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

I think people and myself need to have a bullshit filter for games nowadays, which I think most people do.
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