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What games/systems/gaming items are you most thankful for?


What games/systems/gaming items am I most thankful for?

1. GPD Win Max
-Such an unbelievable piece of tech. I love it so much and single handedly got me into PC gaming. It also has made my Switch kind of useless.
2. Metal Gear Solid
-I play through this game every couple of years in between Thanksgiving and New Years. Such a special game to me.
3. The Dark Pictures Anthology
-I love horror as does my daughter. I love games but she doesn’t play games. These games brought us together and had a great time. They aren’t great games overall but still special to me.
4. PS5/Xbox Series X
-I’m just thankful I got them both. PS5 on launch day and the X in May. I love both.
5. The Legend of Heroes series
-This series is like comfort food to me. Love every game.


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Nothing material. Just thankful for gaming in general really. Call it a hobby or a pass time or whatever, but no other media has exposed me to a fraction of the amount or quality of storytelling, music or art that videogames has. I'd be a lesser person if I only got into shooters for instance in college years, or ever at all.
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I am always grateful to Japan Studio, for creating Gravity rush, I say it because it is the series that has had the most impact on me, the happy and beautiful moments, as well as the motivations of being altruistic and persevering, many humanistic teachings that are reflected and the affection that is in the series as well as kat, it is a game with a lot of impact and I appreciate it.

I am very grateful to the Japanese people, exclusively for the games that always show dramas and elements that help us to persevere. Single player games.

I thank Nintendo, for always giving quality in their products and being the forerunner of my favorite hobby, along with Playstation.

Above all for also creating the Zelda series.

And the direction that Nintendo Switch has taken, with having respect and legacy to Hardcore players.
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The 16-bit generation as a whole, the NES, the PS1, Gaming PCs for allowing me to replay all the games from the past with enhancements... as well as completely new games.

Metroid, Zelda, Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy, Uncharted, TLoU, Outrun, F-Zero... Many many more.


I'm thankful for Sony IPs slowly coming to PC, enabling me to stick solely to PC for Gaming.

Every single Souls(like) game released from FROM.

Project Awakening, Dead Space Remake and Callisto Protocol, if/when they ever come out.

Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil, for sticking around throughout the decades, albeit with quite a few bumps along the road.


XIV returned my faith toward Final Fantasy franchise. it show that they still have it in them. I'm really thankfull toward Yosh-P and the team because if not for them, i might be not bothered with the IP anymore and perhaps become part of "Final Fantasy is dead" camp.

also i dont know if this can be count, but i'm thankfull toward UE4. the engine 'contributed' alot helping japanese developers back on track.
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Thank Knack



Okay, I will tell you my story:

I play games since my childhood, but I always were really bad with them. I never finished the first world of Jak & Dakter, I never was able to exit the first island of GTA, I played Sly Raccoon for something like 2 hours because I don't understand what I should do...

So I only played PES (about 200-300 hours every year, only in solo) and a very few other games. For me, gaming was associated with pain, with the fact that I never knew if I would be able to play my new game more than a few hours, except if its name is "PES 20xx".

Then, in December 2010, when I was 17, I went on my local video game store and said "I want a game where I'm free to do whatever I want." I still don't know why I asked that, but I came out of this store with Fallout New Vegas.

I felt in love with this game. I finished it for the first time in 10 day and 55 hours, then I did every ending. This is the game that really makes me loving video games, because with it I discovered what I really wanted, even if I didn't know it: an interactive story. After it, I played Mass Effect, The Witcher, and so much RPG and narrative games...

If I'm there, if I am the person that I am now, it's only because I went to this store in December 2010 and came out with Fallout New Vegas.
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I can thank gaming in general for so much good moment.

Also FromSoftware for the Soulsborne.

And on a specific matters : the save system in Soulsborne is the best I have ever seen and I can't get why it's not used by every modern games now. I mean when I want to stop to play, I stop without asking me the question where I will reappear next time or I don't even need to think about saving.


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To the Arcade games in the 80s, and to my Famicom. Both got me into this awesome cool world and fascinated by it to this day.


World of Warcraft. My mother is elderly and she isn't very mobile, but she does her best. It's crazy because she has so many online friends on World of Warcraft that she speaks to every day over Discord. I'm thankful that at times where she has no immediate company she has a great support network of online friends at the push of a button. She still has times where she'll go out with her "real life" friends and play bingo, or sit in the garden with the neighbors, but other times she's gearing up for the next raid with her online buddies. It's awesome.
In the past 5 years or so:

- Dork Souls trilogy & Bloodborne
- Dragon Age Inquisition
- Mass Effect trilogy
- Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
- Persona 5


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My PS5 it's such a great console

My favorite games of all time
Uncharted 4
Nier Automata
Resident Evil 2 remake
The Witcher 3
Spider-man PS4
Final Fantasy 7 PS1
Super Mario Bros 3

And many others

Single player games FTW!!!
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