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What happens if Trump loses but refuses to concede?


Jun 9, 2004
It's never going to happen. If Trump loses then he will step down. This whole idea of Trump trying to go full dictator and seize power is a fantasy. Not even the Republicans would support him in such an endeavor.

In fact I think most of his supporters wouldn't support him in such a move either.
I wish I shared your optimism in anything but a Biden landslide scenario
May 22, 2018
I wish I shared your optimism in anything but a Biden landslide scenario
Trump is extremely arrogant and an idiot but he is not so stupid and arrogant as to try and dispute a national election like this or ignore its results. There would need to be some kind of hardcore proof that something nefarious has happened for it to even be considered. Even then it would have to be proof that a massive amount of votes were either fraudulent or manipulated. Which is extremely unlikely. And like I said even if he tried he wouldn't have anywhere near the support required to actually pull it off.

Even a lot of his own supporters would turn against him at that point since a large percentage of his base are chest beating American "patriots". To go against democracy is to go against the very foundation of what America is supposed to be.
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Jul 6, 2014
It will be a peaceful transition if Trump loses. If he loses he will know he will have to eventually concede, so he should only hold out on very clear indication of a few votes might flip in a meaningful way. With that known Trump will see he is headed out the door an do the last power move. Leave like a class act, thank the people for allowing him to help "right the ship" and ask them to join him in welcoming the incoming Biden Admin.... then dish on Obama and how he couldn't do it.
I don't even want to picture this. Biden and friends can get fucked.
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