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What if Burnout 3 Takedown had a Remake? - [GTA Online]


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Hey people, today it's not an usual animation, I recreated my favorite childhood racing game : Burnout 3 Takedown™, I animated the hud with Animate CC and recorded with GTA V Rockstar Editor.


What would I give for a true remake...sigh. Its incredible how much Burnout 3 and SSX3 impacted my taste in music. That good ol' early 2000's punk/pop


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Where do you live?

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The original is rough. As long as we can all agree that Paradise sucks, no one has to die.
Paradise is absolutely amazing. I didnt like it the first time arround I think in 2009 when I played it on PS3. I remember even giving it bad written reviews on gametrailers.com. But when I played the ultimate edition on PC a few years later I absolutely fell in love with it. When you learn the city its just such an amazing feeling. Still some of the best crash physics and visuals in any game. Gets even better when you put your own soundtrack in. One of the best arcade racers ever.


We need more games like that. The PS2 generation was truly the best one, so many games in many different genres...
Yes, give me a remake of Burnout 3, Ridge Racer/Revolution, Motostorm Pacific Rift, Sega Rally, Outrun 2, and Daytona USA.
Paradise was shit. I hate open world racers and the trend it created.
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