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What if Garfield was a real cat.

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I did a search; lock if old... but these are pretty funny.


Realfield is an invention consisting of Garfield replaced by a normal cat. This way, Jon appears to be insane as he speaks to his normal housecat; who of course does not answer him.



That's great. I've seen something similar to this before, but it just involved removing Garfield's dialogue. This works even better.


I know the first 2 are real ones, I sadly remember them:/ In the second one Garfield makes some pithy comment about living on the edge.
The good thing about all the Garfield parodies is that they make Jon seem more insane and pathetic than the original strips ever could.


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Wow, that is so good you almost have to wonder if that's how Jim Davis meant the comic to be read. and then just put lines in for Garfield to appeal to the kids.


I sometimes feel weird for talking to my cat, but it's only as a greeting . "What's up Pixel?" or "Hey Pixel" Maybe Jon's just crazy.
SteveMeister said:
I'm shocked that a) this didn't show up sooner and that b) nobody's pasted the "normal" cat face from the OP on it.

Skiptastic said:
Someone needs to Photoshop the "Garfield face becomes John face.jpg" using the real cat.

I put in a request. Gaf failed me. :(
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