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What is GAF's consensus on Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze?

My friend and I were discussing the reception that Tropical Freeze got on GAF, and he seems to think it got a lot of hate and dislike. I however felt like it was really well received on GAF.

To me it was my GOTY along with Transistor, and one of the best 2D platformers ever made - a criminally overlooked game.

What say you, GAF?
By far one of the best platformers I have ever played.

It's fucking criminal how overlooked it was. It was downright robbed in so many GOTY categories. The music, visuals, audio, level design, difficulty, and the overall game, it was just magnificent, packed with love, and a complete and utter joy.

This post ended up being more hyperbolic than I intended, but god, I had such a beautiful time with it. Such a rewarding game on every level.


Those of us who like it, like it to the point of obsession, and recognize that Retro's hands are those of the almighty, and David Wise is his voice.

It's easily my favorite Wii U game, not even a contest.

But a lot of people dogpiled the shit out of due to Retro's talent supposedly being "wasted" on a 2D platformer. I want a new Metroid just as much as the next man, but just wait.


Very few played it, amongst those that did it's pretty universally considered one of the greatest platformers of all time.

I personally think it's the greatest, but there you go.

it was an improvement over dkcr, but far from a platformer i would recommend to anyone.

What would keep you from recommending it? The difficulty?

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It's better than the original for sure and an amazing game, but to be honest I do think it was harder to get hyped for it compared to the original Returns which was the first mainline DK in over ten years. With a platformer it's hard to get hyped for it without really playing it I think.

Also Metroid fans got mad at it for "stealing" Retro away from making another Metroid Prime.


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Love it, favorite DKC game. Music, visuals, everything about it was amazing. Every level was memorable and none of it felt like it was boring or trying too hard.


I finally got around to picking this up today courtesy of the eShop Black Friday sale. It's been long overdue.
it got a lot of hate after the announcement since it wasn't something new or a Metroid game but it received general praise after launch with many calling it one of the best platformers ever.
Disapointing announcement for the studio, but one of the best platformers of the decade.

Yes that's how I remember it. I remember a thread title similar to 'retro next game 8s fucking donkey kong' or something similar.

Then the game came out and everyone started ejaculating.


It's fantastic and I can't get over how overlooked (at least from what I know) it was during the awards season.


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When it was first announced there was massive upset that Retro was being "wasted" by Nintendo on yet another DKC game instead of a new Metroid or whatever.

But then we played it and everything was better.


My favorite 2D platformer. Loved the graphics, controls, soundtrack and levels. I really wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.


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Perhaps one of the best 2D platformer of all time.

Each level in itself is a spectacle. Each with its own twist, soundtrack, and story to tell. It is difficult but its not unfair. The music is easily amongst the best ever composed in gaming.
The announcement got a lot of hate, but the game gets massive praise from most people that played it. It's a shame it got so overlooked though, it's almost unacceptable how ignored that game is. Sucks it will be doomed to be a hidden gem years after it was available.


Really fun.

I liked it better than Retro's previous game, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and I think it might actually be my favorite Donkey Kong Country game.
It's every bit as good if not better than Donkey Kong Country 2, and that makes it one of the best 2D platformers ever made.


While I wasn't really bummed about it like some, I wasn't really jazzed when it was announced either. I didn't like Returns that much, so would have preferred Retro do something else. I feel kind of stupid for feeling that way in hindsight though because I loved Tropical Freeze and am so glad it happened. One of my favorite 2D platformers ever. It is amazing.


I got it for free from some club nintendo thingy. I loved what little I played of it and feel like an idiot for letting it just sit there on my Wii U.
IIRC, I put it down until my Wii U Pro controller arrived, and just never picked it back up.
The only thing I don't like about the game is the name, and I don't that's stretching it. It's not bad, just... I dunno.
It was fantastic. Only thing I can really fault it for is it still skimps out on the animal buddies beyond Rambi and Squawks (Enguarde would've been perfect for speeding up those underwater stages) and all up it has a few less levels than DKCR.


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It's a terrific 2d platformer, better than the DKC games.

So if you are into that type of thing, it's amazing.
If you aren't, not so much.

I'm pretty sure GAF mostly loved it
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