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What is going on with the grunts in Halo Infinite


It’s the best part of the game!
I was disappointed when they were serious in some games.
Now they are funny again and it’s glorious.

Gordon Freeman

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Don’t forget the grunt birthday party skull where they blow up into confetti and children cheering has been in since Halo 2…

But yeah no it’s now too much…..


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I just don’t understand the point of threads likes these.

You just admitted you knew almost everyone loved it. Thanks for letting us know everything has those that won’t like it, like anything.

You won’t change my mind. I won’t change your mind. The truth is the common opinion is it was hilarious and awesome. That’s it.

Also I have played Halo since it launched on the OG Xbox. There has always been humour to it.

I as well have been playing Halo day one. I'm very well informed about the comedic role grunts have played since the get go. That's not what I'm talking about at all. It seems you suffer from a bias so strong it impedes your baseline reading comprehension which causes you to project subconscious criticism to my words. That's ok.

I was merely describing a personal ie subjective experience regarding this partical aspect that seemed more or less played up for sake of injecting personality/light hearted humor which seemed forced given the baseline serious vibe the narrative heavy handedly hints at

It's my opinionan, that's all. No hidden agenda.

An observation made known on a sessage board

A subjective observation supposedly shared by others which make said opinion a shares reality.

It's quite amusing that you see my observation as an attack and a call for change; "the tide won't turn, "everyone" likes it so deal with it" when I'm again, merely stating my subjective opinion regarding my personal experience.

It's ok to have different ways of looking at the same thing and how it impacts the overall experience. But try to see different views without defaulting to a us vs them kneejerk psychological state.

Bonus: Best Elite one-liner:

"I've grown tired winning my duals"

Or something like that
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Doesnt need recognition
I'm not trying to use a petty reason to discredit Halo Infinite. I think the game is great, one of the absolute best games of 2021, I had a great time with it, but I do think they went too far with the Grunts. That's all.

It's Gordon Freedom bro. Have some respect.. As a scientist he can discern the subjective form objective. Even when subjecting his personal views, right?

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