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What is really behing all the woke ideologies and movements going on nowadays?


Aug 26, 2019
People are too well off and bored in this era. Survival isn't a challenge anymore, that combined with social media turned a small group of weak minded fools into annoying social justice warriors. And a lot of big companies are too spineless to take any kind of stand.


Feb 3, 2009
It's a shakedown. I gotta think media types are getting hit up behind the scenes and told to toe the line or risk a big orchestrated social media blacklash. Why else are all these voice over artists dropping out? Big Mouth? Is ANYONE complaining about Slater's role in that show? Some one did, but it wasn't a viewer led group.

Plus we are seeing already planned events being pushed now for PR points. Or flagging brands getting a free spotlight. The Dixie who? Lady what? Aunt Jemima?

We'll see if any of this is successful. Will NASCAR see a surge of urban yankee viewers now? Will cartoons become MORE ethnically diverse or suddenly less because VA casting is now a PITA?


Jan 18, 2020
All the corporations are jumping into it for the free PR and to cover their asses in some cases. It'll blow over in a few months when election season really kicks into gear. It's the same reason all your favorite websites are covered in rainbows in June now. They'll probably fight over it in the years to come because of Juneteenth and it'll be a battle between the pride flag and the african unity flag for June. Tres important, n'est pas?


Jul 21, 2018
Sure. Ideas can catch on without some shadowy figures bending people to their will as part of some inscruitable agenda.

Ideas spread, appeal to people, culture then reflects that, companies do things to cater to and take advantage of that. It's a common thread throughout history. Why not just more of the same? There doesn't have to be some special explanation for now.


... and he cannot lie
Feb 21, 2018
Ya it really doesn't makes sense. I am not seeing the outrage about most of the things that are being cancelled. Usually in the past some Karen or Lakeisha would start crying on twitter leading to the company doing something, but now they are all being proactive about it.

And whats even more odd is they are all pulling their ads from social media, because social media is to "racist". FB/Twitter/IG are apparently not left enough somehow.

I think a lot of whats going on though is because of the end of the Cold war and war on terror. There is no common enemy to unite the US, so its turning on itself. No Ruskies or Arab Terrorist to get everyone behind America. And when you have no exisential threats you become complacent and then look for a new threat. And that new threat is America (and Donald J Trump).

I do see 2 things happening.

1. With CA removing civil rights legislation, I think Hollywood is basically going to become a quota system where 50% of all staff needs to be POC. They are just getting ahead of it now and cleaning out the white people.

2. This is anti-Trump crap. They are trying to mount pressure to eventually cancel DJT from social and legacy media.


Jun 3, 2014
You can find the same ideals in parts of literature dating to the 1700s... These ideologies have been gaining momentum for a long long time, and it does have to do with the implementation of ruling systems, dominion and the exploitation and continuation of power in the hands of a selected few, be it families, be it institutions, be it authoritarian governments.

Those that have power want to control the economy to their own benefits, but the economy is ever changing and volatile, it's not something you can control by force, so instead, they aim to control its driving force, that is, the people.

If you control what people perceive as reality, how they think and react, and if you make them believe that their very existence depends on you, then you have the influence necessary to control what they do, how they behave, who they are loyal to and how they consume.

Why do you think China's buying your stuff and aiming to control the US industry and tech? Why do you think your online information is so important to these companies? Why do you think the LGBT community has been led to believe that they depend on the left to have rights and what not? Why do you think the left tells you to hate and demonize Christianity (an old ruling power) but defends Islam that is actually against homosexuality and the way of life of the west? Why do you think hypocrisy is rampant and yet only a few seem to notice?

They're trying to control what reality is and they're doing it from behind the curtains. How can you not believe what you perceive as reality if that's all there is to believe? It's Plato's cave, right? It's the 2+2=5. It's the war against Eurasia and not Lestasia and vice-versa.

You can start knowing more about it by reading... I'd recommend George Orwell, his book "1984" is a good start, or "Animal Farm", that is a bit shallower but is also a good read.


Jun 3, 2014
Corporations that control information, entertainment and status have the power to influence what people think. You Americans sold your biggest companies to China and China wants to conquer and become the dominant power on Earth... what the fuck did you think was gonna happen?
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Pumpkin Seeds

Jul 13, 2018
It's pretty much ___ Studies departments in Universities, that fill up the HR departments in universities which insures the existence of ___ departments. Then some become activist or create activist businesses. Others become activist writers. The writers target a business, the professional activists then follow that lead and petition business, which then leads the business to hire diversity and inclusion into HR right out those same ____ Studies graduates.

It's a pretty basic racketeering ring. Remember that James Damore wrote a memo which basically detailed out how the inclusivity teams weren't actually creating anymore diversity and how inaffective their approach was. So that entire racketeering ring went after him.
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May 18, 2007
This goddamn nonsense is what the left replaced religion with. People need to believe in something. The left demonized christianity, so they created this shit as its replacement.
I've often thought this. If you look at the Puritans and woke warriors they use the same tactics. They just have a different set of peccadillos blown out of proportion.


Feb 27, 2012
All of a sudden metoo is back in full force. Cancelling is back to the top of people's importance. It's been putting a damper on my days. It's been really bothering me. Gonna try to stay off social media and internet alot more.
Join the club, I deleted all social media apps and accounts a few weeks ago and take a look at the news once or twice a week at most. It’s worth it.


Sep 17, 2012
also has to do with monopolies. Since companies that control the internet are american, this also spread to the rest of the world

It's critical at this harrowing juncture to understand that apps won, and the open internet lost. In 2013, most users accessing the internet went to mobile and stayed that way. People don't actually browse the internet anymore, and we are in a free-speech nightmare.

Because of Steve Jobs, adult and sex apps are super-banned from Apple's conservative walled garden. This, combined with Google's censorious push to purge its Play Store of sex has quietly, insidiously formed a censored duopoly controlled by two companies that make Morality in Media very, very happy. Facebook, even though technically a darknet, rounded it out.

In fact, Facebook's FOSTA-SESTA law should share credit for its success with Morality in Media (rebranded as "National Center on Sexual Exploitation"), which claimed the victory as well. Morality in Media was also behind Apple's massive "sexy apps" purge in 2010. And Google's 2014 AdWords sex ban was claimed by Morality In Media as a victorious outcome from their pressure and meetings with Google to crack down on porn.


Apr 19, 2019
Mentally ill
And now racist

It's all words used to subvert the normal justice process and allow groups to grab positions of power without going through the proper channels.

Look at the patriot act, all because of those evil terrorists.

This is the same.

Dinkly Donk

Neo Member
Jun 15, 2020
We're witnessing the birth of a religion of Neo Liberal Fascists who are imposing their will through dominance of many key institutions. Don't think this has just suddenly happened, they've been planning for this for a long time by infiltrating these institutions with their ideology. The control of media and entertainment has given them a massive advantage to speed up their takeover and assert their dominance.
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Oct 24, 2014
Yuri bezmenov.

The soviets in the 70/80’s spent a large amount of time and resources to subvert American liberty by infiltrating the university’s with pro communist propaganda, so after about 50 years since the first teachers on Campus were indoctrinated with hard leftist propaganda sprinkled with intersectionality would land us here.

It’s just where do we go from here?

At the moment the momentum is with them, they can cancel people of social media platforms mandate and moderate what is and isn’t acceptable , control the MSM narrative, get major companies to bend the knee. Social media as a tool is extremely powerful, you’ve seen the white supremacy stuff on there or the abolish whiteness, kids nowadays don’t understand what these actions can lead too they’ve had to safe for to long.
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Jun 16, 2015
People are trying to dominate the modern lines of communication to win an election.

The coronavirus vastly increased the amount of time/energy people are spending on the internet, which makes me people more depressed and irritable and concerned with what is going on on the internet.


Sep 25, 2011
People always b!tch and complain when they're not working and making bread and not going out socializing. They couldnt even go to the gym or beach or bars to de-stress. This b!tchas$ pandemic needs to end soon and people need to get back to work.


May 5, 2011
It's because of fucking Trump.

Things were already going this route before but in 2016 the left couldn't handle that he won the election and ever since then they have absolutely lost their fucking minds.

America is now sexist, racist, trans/homophobic, whatever-ist, all because Trump is the president and orange man bad.

Fuck me, I am so damn sick and tired of it!

I'm not American, and I wouldn't have voted for Trump in the last election, but I can tell you that I sure as hell would this time simply because I don't want to give the left more power.

These far left fuckwits already have a dangerous amount of power because corporations and celebrities refuse to grow some balls and stand up to them.

For this reason I think Trump will win this year, and shit is then really going to hit the fan.

It's lose lose either way until companies start standing up to these pussies who are offended by everything and tell them to fuck off.
Mar 3, 2014
I agree that it's somewhat over the top, but I feel it's just the changing of the times. standards will change as time goes by. there were a lot of things that was fine during our grandparents' time that is not going to get a pass even during our youth. as long as you still have some common decency and sense, things will be fine.
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There are millions of whiny 5-year olds on Earth, and I AM THEIR KING.
Mar 15, 2007
I feel that the commoditization of mass communication technologies gave the loudest people with questionable mental health a global megaphone to push their will on behalf of others. Over time, these individuals became drunk with power and started weaponizing it.


Sep 3, 2009
I believe there are definitely oppressed groups and races, and a lot of people have just gotten fed up. But I do find the excessive political correctness and soulless corporate bandwagoning annoying though.


Feb 21, 2013
postmodernism / deconstruction (ism)

lunatics see everything through lenses of power, class, identity

these are diseased minds, so far gone as to be walking dead
This explains the opinions of the most vocal far left, but doesn’t really explain why it gets traction among the wider public (inc companies).