What is the best way to go about using licenced music in YT videos?

Aug 26, 2018
I want to do reviews of soundtracks and a lot of them have like 15-20 tracks. Im more about talking about it but would like to feature actual songs in the video as im talking about them. Not a full track but at least 20 seconds or so.

I dont really care if it gets demonetized, im just doing this for fun but if anyone has a tip whats the best way to go about it, id appreciate it. If it means i cant monetize, oh well. But if it means there will be copyright strikes, or the video wont be played in some regions or not at all on portable devices than thats a problem.
Jun 25, 2015
I guess it's just a trial and error thing. Youtube recognizes the songs from really short soundclips. You don't really know which songs you can use until you try it.

Youtube lets you know it immediately though even if you haven't set the video to be public so maybe you could try to upload test clips as unlisted videos and look what type of copyright notices they'll get if any. Like, maybe make a clip that has all the music clips you are thinking to use. After you've uploaded that you should get information of each copyrighted part on that video and how it'll be dealt with on Youtube. Sometimes copyrighted stuff gives you immediate warning (3 warnings in 6 month period - I think - and you're out), often they let you use the songs but notice you can't monetize the video, sometimes you can monetize, sometimes they tell the video can be viewed in some countries but not in some other countries, and sometimes they let you have the video but the copyrighted parts are silenced. I don't know what happens if one video has parts of several songs that are set to give you the serious warning (I mean, does it count only one warning or do every copyrighted clip give you a warning).

You could also search for each of the songs and see if Youtube already has them available and look if they are uploaded by some regular user or only by those who own the copyright. If there are several videos available, chances are it's ok to use the tracks.
Sep 4, 2018
you will get copyright strikes, you will get notices, and the video will not be playable in all regions, if that's something you are concerned about it. to this day i occasionally will look up a new music video or whatever and see it's blocked in the US, and that's for official material.

i say go for it but don't be surprised when youtube messes with your stuff. i once did a remake of The Beatles "She's Leaving Home" with an entirely new 8-bit chiptune backing track and the isolated original vocals and their bots found it and they took the entire thing down. watch out!