What is the most niche meme you know of?

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Very few of these are niche to me.

ab is away - gone, if anyone talks in the next 25 minutes as me it's bm
being an asshole -

In the early days of GAF posting pictures of lettuce was some sort of in-joke. I think it was mostly Ferrio posting this crap. Never understood it, but there it is.
They sometimes get so deep that you just sit there in awe when you realize how it's been hidden/encoded in the image.

I mean look at this shit

That's not even one of the well-hidden ones and it still fucking killed me when I realized it
What am I missing here?
Soundcloud mashups are my jam. Though the overwhelming amount of granddad songs can get a little tiring.
Good taste! It's a shame some stuff gets run into the ground, but that's the nature of popular memes.

A subset of an already rather niche meme category.
Even though they're a bit older, these always crack me up when I see them.
That's a little abstract, but I like abstract..
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