What is your E3 Wishlist?


I know it will probably never be good without Kojumbles but I can't help it.

Give me some new MGS thing. Remake, new game...

Or give me Splinter Cell. Come the fuck on games industry, give me a triple A stealth game.
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1) A new 10-minute Halo Infinite gameplay showcase with noticeably improved graphics plus a multiplayer tease.
2) A short gameplay demo or trailer for Hellblade 2 which shows that the graphics will be very close to the initial reveal trailer plus a release date for Spring 2022 or earlier.
3) A deep-dive into Starfield starting with a cool trailer, short gameplay demo, and showing how large the world or worlds will be to explore. Hopefully a 2021 release but if not, Spring 2022.
4) Wolfenstein 3 reveal with release this Holiday season.
5) Forza Horizon 5 reveal with release this Holiday season.
6) At least 3 new AAA game announcements from Microsoft Studios/Zenimax


BotW 2
Elden Ring
Smash DLC
Bayo 3
Zelda 35th goodies
Harry Potter
Tokyo Ghostwire

Anything else is a bonus


Okay I always do those lists and the good thing is that I love doing them, but the best thing is that I go slightly overboard and usually I am way off because I am getting all excited.
My serious expectations are quite low for this year's E3, but since this is a wishlist ...
(I will include Playstation as well at the bottom because even tho they are not at E3 they can share they own stuff during the month of june)

- Nintendo Super Switch Reveal + release date
- BOTW 2 release date + gameplay
- Mario Kart 9 or new tracks for 8 Deluxe Please Nintendo you have an actual money printer and only need to plug it in.
- Metroid Prime 4 gameplay
- New Donkey Kong game reveal
- Elden Ring gameplay + release date
- Project Awakening gameplay + release date
- Halo Infinite in depth gameplay + release date
- 12 Minutes release date
- Starfield gameplay
- Hellblade 2 gameplay
- Final Fantasy spin off reveal
- Ubisoft and EA doing their usual generic bland mass consumer stuff
- A new cinematic Kojima trailer, because I won't even bother talking about gameplay here since he loves cinematic trailers so much that he probably spent the last 4 months only on 1 trailer.
- Whatever Naughty Dog is working on atm
- God of War Sequel gameplay
- GT7 gameplay and release date
- Whatever Bluepoint is worn on atm

And most important of all : Something FRESH and NEW that I didn't see coming that makes my jaw drop in anticipation.
some kinda TitanFall
AEW Game footage
Metroid Prime 4
PS VR 2 games teaser
Halo Infinite looking good
Marvel Avengers War for Wakanda DLC footage/Spiderman teaser/Black Panther gameplay/announcement of more playable characters (winter soldier, dr strange, falcon, she-hulk and war machine preferably)
WWE 2k22 gameplay
some Destiny thing, preferably them bringing back a bunch of vaulted stuff


1. Elden Ring
2. Elden Ring
3. Elden Ring
4. Elden Ring
5. Elden Ring
6. Miyazaki farting in a microphone, dropping it afterwards and then leaving the stage
100. Everything else, no specific order


Viva Pinata 3
The Darkness Remasters / 3
Bioshock 4 shown off
Ocarina of Time remake for switch
Silent Hill reboot
Dead Rising reboot


I remember one that I forgot about, an update for Project Obtuse Triangle Strategy. Don't think we are going to get one but can live in hope


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My wishlist consists of one thing.

That we get more game announcements and dates than we do tech demos and vague promises of games that we will never see.

My hopes are not high.


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I just want to be totally surprised with something on the hardware front as well as the software. Not to picky about who makes such announcements, just want my jaw to drop.

I'm ready to be shocked.


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
So many people want to see the next Zelda.If you’re SONY you have to show a shooter, and Microsoft might show more Halo.


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Well since my only humble desire was for gow to not be crossgen, at this point i'm just happy if a meteor deosn't strike our planet during the show...
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Bloodbourne PS5 with simultaneous PC release

Elden Ring running 60 fps on PS5/XSX in backwards compatible mode

Switch Pro (should have been called the Super Nintendo Switch)
A minor PS Now scope change
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