What is your favorite video game of all time?

Oct 10, 2011
I don't even have to think about it this is my most favorite game of all time.


Watching this trailer is like watching my childhood because it was so deeply ingrained into my life and friends at the time that this game will forever be in my memory. Hearing the "MELEEEEEEE!!' at the end brings tears to my eyes literally.

Yo! I remember the night this masterpiece entered my home. I was around 11 years old so I had to sleep early because of school the next morning. While lying in bed I hear my brother come in the house from work.

We just got a gamecube like a week after it launch and Melee didn't come out until a month later so Melee had just came out like a day before or so. He comes in the room and was like "YO I GOT MELEE!"

I'm like

in my head because he didn't show me anything and it was dark in the room since my grandma was also in there sleeping. I couldn't just get up or else she'd start to talk shit.

As I lay in bed that night I hear a "MARIO!" faintly come out the TV in the living room. I was like

It was as if that announcer voiced casted silence on me because I couldn't hear nor make a sound. That night was grueling.

I got up the next morning and saw the freaking game case on the TV. I snatched that booklet out the box as if it was lunch money and went to school and showed all of my friends. I felt like the boss at school with the Melee booklet.

That day in school seemed so protracted I wanted to just skip class and run out the building. I get home and IMMEDIATELY turned the game on. I sat there and played the game all day with my clothes still on.

Fast forward years later and I STILL played the game up until Brawl's release. I must have clocked in a unprecedented thousands of hours maybe over the years.

I only stopped playing it due to brawl being out. I still play Brawl on my computer in glorious HD and with mods to make the gameplay more reminiscent of Melee. Despite me defending Playstation All Stars all the time , I still hold Smash over it largely and love it. I appreciate that game for what it does and it does it a little bit different but Smash Bros will always hold the crown for best mascot brawler ever for me.


Archbishop of Canterburny
May 24, 2011
Favourite? Pokémon Red. I'm not going to claim it is the best. I realise nostalgia plays a huge part in my adoration for it. But it is absolutely my favourite game. Replayed it every year since I got it (at age 6ish? It was my first game) without fail. I'm now 18.


you speak so well
Feb 27, 2008
I don't think I could pick one.

Deus Ex
Valkyrie Profile
Metal Gear Solid
Super Metroid
Super Mario Bros. 3

would all be in contention though
Aug 31, 2009
Ico... It's probably the only reason I still have a PS3. Runner-up is Left 4 Dead 2. Valve single-handedly made western development relevant to me again, but Ico exemplifies the qualities--particular the subtlety--that I most appreciate with respect to Japanese development.
I've been playing L4D and L4D2 since they came out (3 years?), and only yesterday I was able to accomplish the impossible. I was able to pull a survivor out of the elevator just before it closes in No Mercy hospital in Versus as a smoker. I wish I was recording. I felt like the king of the world.
Jan 17, 2009
It's difficult. I'd say Demon's Souls closely followed by Dark Souls.

Baldur's Gate 2 is close behind.

I've been playing vidya games since the late 70's. still can't believe my 2 favorite games came out within the last couple years