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What is your favourite videogame story that takes place over at least three games?


Mass Effect is probably the greatest gaming trilogy ever made, with ME2 being one of my favourite games of all time.

Now I'm going to have the biblically epic Suicide Mission tune in my head all day.



  • Sly Cooper (!)
  • Resistance (!)
  • Bioshock
  • Uncharted
  • God of War
  • Deus Ex (not really, buy hey still cool)
  • Sonic :p
Leisure Suit Larry 1-3
Monkey Island 1-3
Dishonored, Dishonored 2, Dishonored: Death of the outsider
Baldur's Gate 1,2 , Throne of Bhaal


Probably not the greatest or most original in terms of story, but the Gears franchise has some great world building, especially if you also factor in the books etc. For a series that didn't even exist before the 360 era, Gears has an incredible amount of lore and content.


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Street fighter 1-3

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serious answer
Most of the games I would have suggested are mentioned already.

What about
Doom 3
Doom 2016
Doom Eternal ?
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Metal Gear Solid 1-4 is the favorite hands down! The music, the story, the characters.. It truly was a journey and I loved every game, every moment. It deeply impacted me and I was so emotional drained after every game. I so thankful for the experience and I hope to play them all again.

Then yes I actually like FFXIII, all three but especially FFXIII-2. I didn’t expect that I would like the games as much as I did, but it was a lovely journey, much thanks to the person I played with. And I really started to care for the characters especially Noel, Yeul and Caius..

Resident Evil 1-6 + code Veronica! The power level gets more and more insane with every game, but honestly I love it! It’s fun games, amazing gameplay, I like the story and I absolutely love the characters. The remakes where perfect, amazing to play and spoopy. Have some really nice memories from this games. Now I’m just waiting for the Code Veronica remake!! 💪


Mass Effect 1 is the best story in the entire series, but the overall arc of the 3 games is great even in they don't stick the landing.

SMB1-3 is also an amazing adventure, even if the second game was only a dream, and the third was merely a play.


FFXIV. Every expac could be its own standalone title, and the main story is definitely linked between all of it (and ongoing!). It's a fantastic story featuring complex, multilayered characters. Even if you don't like MMOs, it's worth checking out for the 1P campaign alone. It does occasionally ask you to group up for a dungeon or boss, but it's worth it. In Shadowbringers you don't even need to do that for the dungeons with the trust system, and just bring NPCs along.


This is an easy call, when comparing stories the ongoing Trails-series is by far the deepest, complex and most fascinating web of interconnected stories that I have ever played. There’s really not even a contest here.


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lol not many.

i guess yakuza0\y1\y2 is a good example.

Also the classic mgs 1\2\3 and blood omen\soul reaver\blood omen 2


Dragon Quest IV-VI
Silent Hill 1-3 (2 is kinda separate but it still progresses the lore of the first game significantly)
Yakuza series
Witcher series


A great story in a single game in and of itself is such a rarity. Probably the Witcher and Mass Effect make the grade.
Quest for Glory I-IV (I never did get around to V — is that even possible now?). The stories are self-contained, but carrying that same character over across games really did turn it into a hero’s journey.

Wing Commander I-III. Hero to traitor to saviour to Luke Skywalker. Three games, each at the fore-front of in-game cinematic storytelling.


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I would definitely go with either the Witcher or Mass Effect series. However, one that hasn't been mentioned yet is the recent Hitman - World of Assassination Trilogy. Though the story is not as good as the other series, it does come together when you play all three, and I like how if you own all three you get them in the same game with all of the enhancements of the most recent release.
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