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What Is Your Ideal Breakfast?

German Hops

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What breakfast do you like to eat or your dream breakfast?

I don't like eating sugary foods for breakfast unless it's for a holiday or like every blue moon. It just doesn't give me the energy I need for the rest of the day. That sounds weird coming from a boomer but I like to maintain my weight as much as possible. Sure, it might make me happy and give me a sugar rush or a short amount of time, but sugary breakfasts don't fill you up and can cause you to be more tired and have a hard time focusing for the rest of the day.

My ideal breakfast: On a normal day, I'd love to have a healthy omelet with lots of cheese and sausage but not too much lmao. I also love cream cheese and honey on bagels and maybe some yogurt with fruit and oats. On a holiday or occasion, I love a full breakfast with pancakes or french toast with like sausage, eggs, bacon, etc. or I love a good donut or pop tart or toasted strudel or muffin. But again, that's very occasional.

My normal breakfast: Oatmeal and eggs or healthy cereal if I'm in a rush. Maybe I'll have some toast and eggs or bagels and eggs and some fruit. It may not be a lot but it gets me through the day.
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Your ideal breakfast when I get the chance, does make my sluggish though when the coffee wears off. Generally skip coffee so need a nap.

Otherwise just water and fruit, sometimes nothing. Was never big about breakfast.


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That’s the million dollar question. For me depends on where I am getting them from. Usually it’s a green sauce, but some of the local made red salsas are fantastic.

oh god now I want some. Just thinking about the way that heat feels on your mouth when you take a sip of coffee hoping to mellow it.... Nope!


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I'm a dedicated holiday breakfaster. I only eat breakfast when I'm on holiday but then I really love it and devour a lot of stuff I usually wouldn't have. Like gluten :messenger_fearful: (please don't kill me).

Eggs Benedict are my favourite. But without the bacon.


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The one i eaten (or ate) in new york like 20 years ago.

It was english breakfast with the scrambled eggs, sausages, wurstel, burned toasts with butter, sweet semi-mashed potatoes etc., But this old guy in the kitchen was some sort of food wizard because i never ever remotely tasted such a good english breakfast anywhere (and i travel a lot).

We also payed like 70 dollars for a 4 people breakfast :ROFLMAO: (for 4 days straigh because even my family was in pure delight)

If not that i guess that pizza and ice lemon tea is a nice substitute (of course not every day)

Before you ask, my parents forced me to drink hot milk and orange juice when i was very little with the only result of making me hate these things to death (i can literally throw up if i smell hot milk).

In reality i skip breakfast most of the times.
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I’ve been intermittent fasting for the past few weeks and have lost almost 40 pounds.

Before my new lifestyle change, a big bowl of four biscuits, cut in half, and enough gravy to make it so you can’t see them anymore.


at the weekend i usually have an "english breakfast" with no bacon shite. also i don't call it english. fuck that.

potato waffle
fried egg or omelette
sausage (link or square)
hash brown
potato scone
black pudding
fried mushroom + onions + tomato
baked beans

not necessarily all that at once. just a mix depending on how i feel. it's something like this (minus the tea/coffee which i hate) :

during the week at work i either have a buttered roll with crisps (chips for you americans) or one of these:

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Two eggs over easy, bacon, cheese, salt&pepper on a hard roll, glass of fresh OJ and a cup of Earl Grey.

Usually skip lunch entirely after a nice breakfast like that.


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A Full English sorts me out until dinner, no lunch needed.

No mushrooms though. Fuck mushrooms.

That's my perfect Saturday, fry-up any time before 12, make something that takes a little longer for tea (northern) and I don't need to eat in-between.

In fact, fuck it, that's what I'm doing tomorrow. Fry up and a shepherd's pie.
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French Toast, Ham, Sausage.

Weird fact about me: I used to love to eat scrambled eggs and omelets and such when I was a kid. Now the mere thought of eating eggs makes me ill. I never got sick from eating eggs so it wasn't like, I ate a bad egg and now I am put off. No, just one day, just thinking of eating eggs, gives me that, "I may throw up in the next few minutes" feeling. Sometimes I can eat an omelet on a really rare occasion but now I don't even go near them...


Full English with black pudding, either beans or tomato not both that's double tomato and overkill. Buttered bread sliced from a fresh crusty farmhouse loaf, good tea brewed from tea leaves not a peasant tea bag of dust and misery, using filtered water not hard tap water shite. You can't eat that every day so toast and porridge is some good shit to start the day off right.

I do like american diner breakfasts the hash browns from the griddle are legit, sausage and biscuits are odd but tasty and satisfying, the egg options are bountiful and good. I don't get huge piles of pancakes and waffles covered in syrup and butter, they're tasty sure but why have pudding for breakfast.


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The more the better I don’t know why but as a kid I hated breakfast now it’s like disrespectful to the body if I don’t eat one.
I make a big breakfast most days I have the time to do so.

Super ideal: Bacon, Sausage, Eggs, potatoes with onions and peppers. Then a fruit and farmer's cheese filled crepe with coffee.


Having Indian parents, living in the UK and also having lived in Japan for 3 years, I tend to eat a wide range of things for breakfast. For the most part I've moved away from cereal and toast and prefer foods rich in flavour.

Japanese breakfast - pan fried fish with miso soup
Indian breakfast - herb and spice infused roti with a lentil dahl
European style beakast - usually omelette with basil, chilli, olives, sun dried tomatoes and anchovies on a small piece of bread with avacado

I don't drink or spend much on going out, so tend to buy a lot of fancy shit haha.
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