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What most excited you about Starfield reveal?


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Yeah the ship customization is defs what I'm looking forward to most.

We know what to expect with story, rpg elements and combat with Bethesda.


From the trailer specifically, I think the space combat and exploration looked pretty damn awesome!

Overall, though, the simple fact it's a Bethesda RPG is what excites me the most, because it makes me guess the game will be huge in scope, quests and NPCs interactions.
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Honestly, the stuff that looks like No Man's Sky. That game was a lot of fun (and I played at launch). I look forward to mining resources to build spaceships, etc.

I've never been too impressed with Bethesda RPGs. And now, it seems way behind the competition. But, if you can mix in some NMS with Fallout, I'm much more interested.


Full disclosure, I was let down by the reveal. It looks like a janky last-gen game and I don't trust Bethesda to do any of the science well.

I will need the game to be more than a resource grind and scavenger hunt with occasional dialogue trees.

Right now the best news I've heard is about the silent protagonist.
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The scope.
If all of those planets are fleshed out and engaging enough to warrant visiting them, the hours lost to this craziness will be staggering, especially if there is a meaningful difference between factions and/or good/bad guy playthroughs.

Unless this game is just utterly broken, I can't imagine it not being GotG.


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The brief part where they showed that it's still a Bethesda RPG, and not them attempting a space exploration / flight game that wasn't a Bethesda RPG lol

None of the space exploration related stuff excites me.. space combat the absolute least exciting part TBH.. like I'm trying to forget it's even in the game "least excited."


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Being able to customize my own ship sounds great. I also liked seeing the small glimpses of the more urban environments, even though we never saw how crowded the cities could get, or how the NPCs behaved. Seeing that there were green and blue planets was also exciting, but we didn't really get to see what a lush or wet environment would be like to explore.

I think there's a good chance the urban exploration would be what interests me most, and I still have no idea how much of that will be offered in the game. I worry the planets won't feel as fun to explore as Skyrim, because while I felt Skyrim had something fun to explore in every direction, there's not likely to be much handcrafted content on most of these one thousand planets. But I dunno, maybe Starfield can deliver more dense and interesting environments than No Man's Sky was able to. If so, I'm gonna fucking disappear into those planets.
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If i have to pick one thing in particular i'd say the return of the old dialogue system (no joke). It's not that the rest is not exciting but i'm more excited about the return of a RPG with this massive scope and ambition than one specific thing (except maybe just the fact that it's a new ip in space with Bethesda systems).


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Exploration, random encounters and sidequests. Bethesda's sidequests (other than those radiant quests) are generally far better than most games main quests. Flying to and exploring some of the 1000 random planets.

I anticipate losing several months of my life to this game.
There was so much to be excited for. Space combat, multiple planets but for me you can visit your parents?! Idk why that excites me so much but as a fan of life style gameplay in rpgs that feels like a good immersion building aspect. Whats got you most excited that we learned recently?
Mods! Star Trek/Wars ships, Anime girl crew members, Thomas the tank engine dog fights in space, nude mods in space! God bless PC gaming.

Planet: Anything! Literally grab any planet and throw in copyrighted assets everywhere. I'd love a LOTR planet with a shitty version of the Eleven capital modded in along with naked elves trying to sell me services. Fuck yes I'm hyped as fuck.


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Building and flying your own ship, space combat, exploring worlds, the skill tree looks amazing and the character builder with back stories and perks with positives and negatives.

One of the cities looked cool. Overall the game looked like a steaming pile of shit.
I mean they only showed one city though? New Atlantis I think. Graphic wise, it looks pretty amazing. Performance definitely needs work though.

I hope you can build decent enough relationships with the crew.

I wonder if crew can perma-die, and I’m curious how you go about hiring them. Maybe advertisements, or some kind of facility or union/guild that has workers/staff.

Mister Wolf

The story and scope. The world reminds me of The Expanse. I never thought I was getting Borderlands quality shooting from the game. I like that I can pick my own crew and ship too. Gonna be a space outlaw like these two:




The scope.
If all of those planets are fleshed out and engaging enough to warrant visiting them, the hours lost to this craziness will be staggering, especially if there is a meaningful difference between factions and/or good/bad guy playthroughs.
You gotta be really young and not have been through all this shit before....numerous times

Please tell me that you are !


It’s the sum of things. A deep RPG, space travel, custom spaceships, spaceship combat, 1000 planets, the visuals, alien lifeforms, modding possibilities.

The regular human gun combat does not excite me though. I don’t like first person shooters and it’s a bummer that I have to hide away and play at night by myself instead of exploring space with my family like I do with No Man’s Sky. But I’ll adapt. Everything else is spot on.
I'm interested in exploring the planets. Bethesda has always excelled at creating rich open worlds, so I'm excited about the prospect of NMS with Elder Scrolls style exploration + Fallout 4 combat.

Being able to build your own ship, walk around and interact inside of it, hire staff etc., also sounds awesome.


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Probably the space exploration. Hoping for several big cities/settlements outside of ‘New Atlantis’ in other systems etc. and a lot of interesting quest lines.
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