What underloved Wii or Wii U franchises would you like to see come back on Switch?

Nothing that's already been announced so no Splatoon 2 or Xenoblade 2. And no Smash, cause that's obvious.

I like to see Zangeki no Reginleiv, Pandora's Tower, The Last Story, Earth Seeker, and Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon get a chance to shine.
Sin & Punishment: Star Successor could get a sequel too. JS.

On a related note, I would love for Nintendo to do countdowns to release. Like for example, if Xenoblade 2 hits in August, then Xenoblade hits Virtual Console in June and Xenoblade X hits VC in July.
There's only 2 great wii games

Little kings story, which had a decent pc patch recently

Final fantasy Crystal chronicles: my life as a king. I have easily 100+ hours in this game and I need it on modern platforms
I just want to see this game on every platform, but bring back Okami! Capcom made the Wii version which was pretty solid, but then perfected things with the HD version on PS3.

Otherwise, I want more goddamn Captain Toad games!
I loved The Last Story, but I'd rather Sakaguchi do something different rather than a sequel.

No More Heroes is my Wii pick, Wonderful 101 my Wii U pick.
Would it be too soon to bring up The Wonderful 101, seeing as we just had a big thread on that?

Seriously though, it's a flawed game that bombed horribly, but in a perfect world it'd get a second chance. A new game, with all of the flaws ironed out + actual for realsies marketing + a system that isn't already dying by the time it comes out = the game maybe actually succeeding? Maybe?


Wildcard berths that can't beat teams without a winning record should have homefield advantage
Wario Land: Shake It was excellent and was nearly ignored on the Wii. Love to see something similar to that come back again.
Zack and Wiki, for the love of Pete, Zack and Wiki.

A brilliant and woefully under-appreciated PnC-style adventure game with a fully realized world, tricky puzzles, and wonderful characters and art design. After getting stuck on a fairly early level in 2008 or so we returned to the game last year and beat that level and played through the rest of it, and really loved the game. It's one of our favorite Wii games now. I very much hope for it to make a return one day. The level settings, setpieces and solutions are endlessly creative, mind-bending and fun.
Endless Ocean.

I just about flipped my shit at E3 years ago when Nintendo cut to that aquarium thinking that Endless Ocean 3 was coming to Wii U. It turned out it was just Splatoon, which was nice and all, but where are my HD dolphins, Nintendo?
I'd like to see Zack and Wiki given a chance to live.

I'd love an Endless Ocean 3 to exist.

I'd like to see Dewy's Adventure and Munchables, they were really cute.

I'd love to see a continuation of the Rune Factory series.

Another Kororinpa with the gyro controls would be ace.

Sin and Punishment: Star Successor.

Joycons were built for this kind of games.

And those Japanese Wii games that never went overseas.
The sad thing is the Joycons may NOT have been built for this. S&P used pointer controls which the Joycons ton't support. The Joycons can mimic pointer with gyro controls, but blind gyro (no infrared dots to see and thus orient to) suffers a lot from drift and if you've played World of Goo on Switch, you notice a lot of drift, which would be murder on a fast paced rail shooter.
Kororinpa HD Rumble edition (htfu I hope work has already started) this would justify hd rumble and be the shining star of it. Great game too.

Mario Strikers without the waggle pointing to block goals.
F-Zero as fully re-worked. Free to play, open world hub,Microtransactions for Costumes, a lot of nintendo costumes even crossovers. Community map making tools, community logo making tools, community skin tools ( as like steamworkshop if it gets good it gets considered etc)

please make it.
Another Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem game without idol stuff. TMS was a great game, but all the idol and J-Pop thing screwed it.
I would love a SMTxFE game that actually feels like the tonal culmination of two of my favorite franchises ever.

That's what I thought I would get, but alas some nightmares are too all consuming to ever see coming.
I want that Tokyo Mirage Sessions to come to Switch and get a re-release on a platform that isn't on its dying legs. Maybe even dub it this time for a wider audience.

Ditto The Wonderful 101.


Smells like fresh rosebuds
Another Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem game without idol stuff. TMS was a great game, but all the idol and J-Pop thing screwed it.
Crazy. That made the game, such a good OST.

But yeah, TMS would be great as a rerelease. Rebrand it Fire Emblem X Persona Waifu Wars if you wanna maximize on those two franchises popularity atm.

I want more Fatal Frame as well. Port the remake of 2, 4 and 5.
I'm not sure there was much love for Super MarioBros U & the LuigiU games , so i choose those, whenever you hear people talk of mario its always Super Mario 3d World or Galaxy, hardly anyone brings up Super Mario Bros U
Captain Toad for sure.

Also it'd be cool to see another Trauma Team (not Center) game. I liked that you played as different people and did more than just surgery, it helped shake things up.

As much as I love Pandora's Tower, I can't really see how that one could get a sequel, narratively speaking. Maybe a spiritual successor?