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What was Airtight Games' "Fate"?


May 8, 2009

A look at Airtight Games' shooter Fate, canned(?) back in April

I don't believe that is the project Kim Swift is working on, but I have been unable to ascertain that for sure.


Assets from a portfolio



Airtight Games, Redmond, WA May 2010 - April 2011

Lead Level Designer

FATE - Working Title (Xbox360, PS3)

* Managed, mentored team of six junior and senior level designers:

o Created levels and moment-to-moment experiences for players

o Provided continual feedback to shape designers skills and levels

o Proactive conflict resolution to maintain team productivity and morale

o Managed team workflow, focused efforts during brainstorming and prototyping

* Managed hiring process; job description content, developed level design tests, resume and phone screening, interviews and hiring.

* Acting Design Lead; liaison to key members of publisher organization, including president and marketing team

* Key speaker at product demos to external stakeholders resulting in additional funding for external software solution to in game NPC crowd technology

* Partnered with external publisher and their creative director to plan various core gameplay features for project; created content and disseminated information to various branches of publishing organization to ensure milestones exceeded planned expectations

* Participated and hosted creative sessions, development meetings, reviews, and planning sessions; mediated conflicts to maintain creative flow resulting in comprehensive solutions

* Communicated current level layouts and status of level development to project leaders

* Cross-functional collaboration with departmental leads for level planning; ensured all disciplines aimed toward the same objective

* Collaborated with storywriters to strengthen overall structure and solve plot holes.

* Developed rule set and best practices for level design team, created level overviews and high-level goals for all level designers on the project

* Devised level documentation and roadmap for the team: gameplay beats, scripted events and cinematics, level analysis, targeted play times

* Plotted gameplay matrix to coordinate timing of: mechanics, enemies, gamplay and RPG elements

* Aided in the GDD documentation and worked with production to secure elements allowing production to move forward with completion timeline

* Managed traversal based mechanics; set, tuned mechanics providing guideline for level designers and environment artists enabling building of elements based upon common metric and avoiding major reconstruction


Who knows if it's actually canned completely, but it seems like the team working on it was let go.


Jan 9, 2008
Cancel Swift's game and everyone will go back to not caring about the studio, would be a bad move.

Fate would be an interesting name for her game, if it's what she wanted Portal 2 to be, time manipulation based.