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What will Microsoft call Project Scorpio at retail?

What should Microsoft call the Scorpio?

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I was giving this some thought earlier now that Scorpio is listed on the Microsoft Store site confirming compatibility with all Xbox One games and accessories.

What is MIcrosoft going to call it at retail?

It has to be called Xbox One ____. They can (and should) drop the S. They can't call it Pro.

My best guess is Xbox One Elite. They previously sold Xbox 360 Elite consoles, they currently sell an Xbox One Elite controller.

So my guess is they call it Xbox One Elite and potentially include an Elite controller with it.

What do you guys think they will call it?
XBOX Infinity (or XBOX One Infinity). I remember hearing that XBOX Infinity was favored by XBOX to be the name of XBOX One, but Microsoft was pushing the "One" branding (XBOX One, OneDrive, etc.)
Something like xbox elite would be cool and simple as well as a nice call back to the 360, and would go with the naming closure sony started with ps4 pro


Xbox One Hank.

Come on let's beat this Simpsons horse to death (and because he's the most appropriate Scorpio for that kind of fire power.)
The sensible option would be to call it the Xbox Two, since it would make sense for when it's time to abandon the Xbox One: just mark all the games Xbox Two. Plus it'll make naming their next console very easy (Xbox Three).

The option I think they're actually going to go with would be Xbox One Scorpio, since I get the feeling that the Scorpio name has already built up enough recognition for it to be kept around.


Xbox pro/premium.

There is already an Xbox One elite..., they can't use that same shit for the next hardware lol.

It's a good point, but they could just cancel that SKU soon and then relaunch the scorpio as Xbox One Elite edition or whatever.

Main reason I posed this question is, if they don't call it Elite, what could they possibly call it that would make sense with the brand?

No way they call it Pro, that would be following Sony much more than they would ever allow themselves to. Premium sounds dumb.

After that.. what other modifiers are there. Turbo? Plus? Gold?
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