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What your thoughts on xCloud Touch Screen implementation?


I've got to say, developers/MS have been quite creative when it comes to touch screen implementation with xCloud. It's a lot better than I could ever imagined it could be (when probably done).

As Dusk Falls is a great example. I think FM2022 is another good example too along with MC Dungeons.

For certain games, with well thought out touch screen layouts, xCloud gaming could really be a viable solution.

I actually think Touch Screen implementation is quite important for bringing those mobile experiences to the casual gamers (after all not everyone wants to carry a controller with them all the time). I think it shows, with the types of games that are added to Gamepass. MS are trying to attract that market with the Simulator games, Two Point Games, MC Dungeons and adventure games like As Dusk Falls. Not to mention the recent drop of children's games. All of which feature great touch screen controls.


The games i've tried with touch controls wasn't a great experience for me. Although that's not to say that they didn't work well, it was more that I am set in my ways and need physical controls to feel connected to a game. I tried FH5, MC Dungeons and Sea of Thieves which all require relatively complex controls compared to something like When Dusk Falls. I could definitely see that game better with touch controls as opposed to moving a pointer around on screen with a stick. Controller is probably the worst way to experience When Dusk Falls when I think about it.


Not a fan of touch controls. I prefer the feeling of actually clicking a button or moving a stick. That's why I hardly used xCloud before getting my Steamdeck.


They have done a really good job and it works just about as well as touch controls can. It's still touch controls though and for me those are only viable for certain types of games.


They have to implement touch control integration in the GDK, so that developers can sit and build native touch controls when they build a game. With all of the devices in front of them, and optimise touch controls as they go and see how it works on all devices.

Because right now its more like an after-thought, even though its great that its there. Its just the touch UI overlay is very jarring and ugly, and there arent that many games with native touch control. Native touch should be the standard and it needs to be implemented at developer level.

Still its pretty nice how they dealt with something like having to hold R1 to target enemies in the Yakuza games, and put that targetting on a touch button on the left side so you target with your left thumb while mashing out combos with the right. It shouldnt work but it does and it feels awesome to play Yakuza whether its brawling in the street or playing minigames in the arcade with all touch controls.
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