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WhatCulture - 10 videogames you won't believe are in development



The List:

10) System Shock 3
9) The Wolf Among Us 2
8) Two Worlds 3
7) Deep Down
6) Tekken x Street Fighter
5) Star Wars The High Republic
4) Guardians of the Galaxy
3) Hideo Kojima horror game
2) Rockstar Game's Project Medieval
1) The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

My thoughts on this video are all over the place. Another Two Worlds game? Is their something to the series that compels them to keep pumping out sequels? I've watched reviews that said it's nothing more than a middling open-world RPG.

I was surprised that Capcom is still bothering with releasing Deep Down. Is their something to the project that keeps them from canceling it?

Meanwhile, Disney is really moving forward with this High Republic setting for Star Wars. I'm all for it, provided it gives us some good media which includes games. I'm still wary about EA holding the license, even after Jedi Fallen Order's success.

So Guardians of the Galaxy is Square's next big game for Marvel after Avengers? Could be good. No doubt it'll take inspiration from the films and James Gunn's vision.

Hell yeah to Rockstar doing a medieval game. I fell they've mind the Old West setting in the two Red Dead games all that they can so it'll be nice to see something that's out of their usual comfort zone.

The last entry threw me for a loop. An LOTR game focused on Gollum? How the hell do you make that work?!


the one with golum was actually announced...

a few months ago

i love what culture though Ash Millman is ridiculously hot
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